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Yasmin and Loestrin 20 Birth Control

Hi there,

I'm new to this forum - well a new joiner but I have been lurking for a while.

I have been on the Yasmin contraceptive pill for abut 4 years. But I've been using the birth control pill isince I was 16, so for 11 years - I'm now 27. I wanted to come off the pill completely about a year ago, and so just stopped taking thr Yasmin tablets. But, after about 3 months - you guessed it - the dreaded cystic acne came in withdrawal from the pill. I was never on the pill for acne to begin, and having such angry acne at 26, when you're working full time was just horrible, I didn't want to leave the house. Anyway, needless to say, I went back on Yasmin and my skin cleared within a month or so.

Anyway, now I have to change the pill - I have been having some problems and my doctor has changed my pill over to Loestrin 20 to see if it helps.

I haven't started taking the loestrin yet, but has anyone any experience? Basically I'm scared that becasue Loestrin is a low dose, I'll end up with the same withdrawal acne again :(

Thanks x

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I have the opposite reaction that most people have with Birth Control, I break out, get depressed, feel lousy. While I have the opposite problems that you have, I can tell you that I started out with Yasmin Over a year ago to control cysts on my ovaries. I reacted as I explained above. I stopped taking it in April for the problems with my mood. The cysts came back with a vengeance so my doctor put me on loestrin and I have reacted the exact same way that I did with Yasmin. All that to say, I think you will have the same skin clearing effects on Loestrin that Yasmin gave you.

Good luck!

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