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Red soreness - need help urgently

Hey guys, im about 3 weeks out from finishing my accutane course.. provided i stay clear.

At the moment, im more or less clear.. but the last 2 days ive had to stop treatment (i havent told my derm yet, i probably should, and will tomorrow). Ive stopped due to red irritated and breaking skin on the corners of my mouth.. to the point where i cant smile, i cant eat, i can barely talk.

This burns! .. its literally becomming raw skin. Its not my lips themselves, its the just outside them.. the skin that connects to the lips i guess.. VERY ugly and painful.

Anyway so ive been off it for 2 days now, and moisturizing like crazy.. (this seemed to help previously, but has lost effect?) .. WHAT CAN I DO?

I really want to finish these last 3 weeks.. i havent been taking my proper dose of 60mg, because i cant without it burning through the edges of my lips. im worried im going to cause some permanent damage. Its like im literally burning through my skin, i can see it breaking.. through the skin and down to the flesh.. very painful.

If anyone has had this, or knows anything about it.. PLEASE reply. ill call my derm tomorrow, but i dont know if he'll know what to do either. hes previously gave me cortisone cream already, and it didnt help either.. im at a loss.

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You probably need to call your derm today or your regular physican who can help you. May be Chelitis which would need a antibotic cream, however we are not doctors. Best not to take anymore accutane for now also, won't hurt as Roche themselves said it continues to work up to 2months after treatment is over.

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