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Hey! This is actually the first post I have ever made on acne.org. I always look at the site for new tips and reviews of products, but have never actually posted anything. I've been reading your log for the past hour, instead of studying (ooops!). First of all, you're a really good writer, you should be a journalist. I've been thinking about Accutane for the longest time, and have always debated against it. My parents have also stressed to me that really don't want me taking it, mostly because of the psychological effects it can have on a person. Just this past semester I've been really really down on my self about my apperance. I've have Acne since I was 14 and now I'm 21. It's pretty much all I think about all the time. I plan my day around it. I have decided that the symptoms that come along with Accutane would defiantly be worth it to have a clear complexion. I have an appointment with my dermatologist in a couple weeks and I'm trying to do as much research about the pill as I can.

My skin seems to be always oily. I have tried every product ever made it feels like. I have larger pores on my nose, but never really seem to break out there. My forehead goes from really bumpy to not bumpy at all every other week. My cheeks have scarring and redness, none of the scars are really deep in my skin, mostly just red on my skin. My chin some times develops new pimple occasionally. I also get probably 5 white heads a week. Just in the past 3 months I have been getting what I think are cystic pimple, which I have never had before. Also, I have been getting break outs on my chest and back, which hasn't happened for a couple years.

I'm really just emotionally drained from everything. Theres a few things I worried about with the medicine though, so I would really like your opinion and the opinion of others:

1. I waitress and bartend, so I'm in front of people all the time! Do you think the redness/dryness is so bad it's going to make me even more depressed?

2. Does my acne seem bad enough that Accutane would even be worth it?

3. What are some of the ways you deal with being in front of people on Accutane?

4. Have you drank alcohol on it? (I'm in college :)

Thanks for blogging about this!

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what other products ahve you tried?

1) U will be more red. so make sure u invest in a good moisturizer. cerave is great, i also use jojoba oil and for redness try aloe vera gel. i use fruit of the earth but i just got an aloe vera plant so its all natural. those helps with dryness and redness

2) ya i guess. but i would only tell u to go on accutane if u have tried EVERY other option with no results

3) umm not sure what you mean. make sure u get aquaphor for ur lips cuz they will get very dry

4) u can drink a little. but i wouldn't get wasted every weekend.

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