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nothing is working

Okay, first time posting, so bare with me. :P

I have have acne probably since i was 11ish. I am 19 now. So, a long time. It has been about the same. I have it mainly on my chin and forhead and sometimes, but barely, on my cheeks. I have tried Proactive, Clean and Clear, Oxy cleaning pads, some type of prescribed pill which just made my stomach messed up and prescribed creams.

My friend, Sunset1, told me a few helpful tips tonight, such as how I should probably stop using Herbal Essence, because it breaks the skin out more and she also gave me tips to use Neutrogena Acne Wash and Clean and Clear moisturizer.

I also have a big problem with picking at the zit and wanting to pop it. I have always been taught to do so. So, that will be a very hard habit to break.

I am also looking for any type of makeup that can help cover up the zits.

Any help, really, would be greatly appreciated.


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I definately agree with you that some things really work for others and don't at all for you... Useful article below though about what specialist dermatologists recommend at the moment.

If you don't want to read all the acne info skip to the last page! :)


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Hi, nothing seems to work for me either. Been on tetracycline tablets for a few years and they helped a bit but i think theyve done all they can do now. Derm reccommended roaccutane, and im considering it. i just want my life back


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