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Hey - Is this right & what's happening?


Well my names Rasheed. I'm a teenager(15), and I have spots like some people. I joined Acne.org since it looks and sounds like it can help me out with my problem. I started getting spots 3 years, out of the random, but then knew it was puberty. So on and on, my spots didn't go, they kept on coming, even though I finished puberty several weeks later. It's now to it, were it's not all spots all over my face, but big lumps of Oil & Whiteheads - Redness - & Not healthy looking skin. I have some pictures I have uploaded. Not the best quality sorry:


Here's my chin and cheeks(What you see of it xD) They are fine, great looking and healthy. But I the same method of what I use on my forehead, and here's the problem.]


You can't really see, but it's alot worse around that area. It looks Dirty(I get a wash everyday) un-healthy got around 5-7 big road bumps on it. Here' what I use.


I use the TCP for my Bumps. Whitch to get rip of the oil and grease of my skin. shampoo treatment to help remove more and giving it a more healthy look. Forgot name, but helps with little spots.

My method:

Wake up (brush teeth and shizz). Apply warm water to my face all over. Grab Which and the shampoo and message it into my face. Leave it on for 30 seconds, and rinse of with warm water. Apply the TCP to my bumps, and add my normal spot cream to my forehead and leave it on..

It really isn't helping get rid of them, nore preventing them. Just holding it back I guess.. If you have any ideas what I could be using, and what could make my skin look more like it was(Gwag!) would be very greatfull :)

- Thanks

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