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ROLL CIT- Side effects

I had Medical Roll Cit 3mm needle roller one last November by a reputable NY plastic surgeon for acne scars on my cheeks. They were very minor. He rolled my entire lower face and I was bloody and then severely swollen for 3 days and then red for about 2 months. My skin never returned to normal and fat loss began around 5 months after the procedure. Also, severe tightness of my skin continued and I had scar tissue around my nose and cheeks. None of these side effects were ever mentioned or can be found in any of the online literature. I believe not many people have had it done and unfortunately I am one of the scarred guinea pigs. I am very vocal about it all over the internet to help others be informed of the risks of this procedure. And that most doctors don't understand it and can't help you after the damage is done. I am currently suffering the after effects and considering my options of who can help me. Look elsewhere for acne scar help. Needling is supposed to be safe and totally different from the roller which pulls and rips your skin. I have before and after pictures and any questions are welcome.

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Glad you posted, and best wishes with your future healing. I remember

reading from Horst Liebl, a "co-founder" or "founder" of dermarolling,

a comment about needle length. He felt the 3mm was too long because

it punched into fat tissue and could have negative consequences, which you

have born out. I couldn't imagine a 3mm, the 2mm I used last time was spooky to me.

best wishes again.

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Yikes! 3mm? That length is beyond necessary.

Based on the thicknesses of the skin tissue and underlying layers, 1.5mm is sufficient for most people. Some people use 2mm, and they have their reasons. I believe the 3mm rollers have their place on other parts of the body, but yikes, not on my face! :shock:

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Yes I am now aware of the thickness of the skin and needle length. I've researched a lot but too late. I should have done this research before. I really didn't know anything about skin or what I was letting being done to it. I trusted the doctor who is a very well known plastic surgeon and he said it was a relatively minor procedure with almost no side effects. All the research I did before the surgery was promising. When you look up the info on Environ Roll Cit, it's all positive. That's why I'm telling my story everywhere so that there is some real info out there about this procedure.

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