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So i'm a male 19 years old.

In highschool i used to go to parties all the time, hang out with friends alot, even had a girlfriend. At the end of highschool i started to get light-moderate acne. I was a late bloomer. I've had acne for the past 2-3 years and it's completely changed my life. i've lost most of my friends because im scared to hang out with them due to my acne. I've skipped tons of class because of a bad breakouts. I don't want to get a job or even go to school. i don't go to social events or parties any more because im scared of being judged. I told my mom that i have this anxiety and she didn't really understand. i keep telling myself that ill be fine when it goes away but it never goes away. ive read tons of information and used tons of products and nothing works.

all i do now is play video games. Which isn't what i want to be doing.

I'm not shy or scared when talking to people. but when my face is bad i just avoid everyone.

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There's hope my dude, I'm 22 and just a few years ago I had bad acne all over my face as well. Went to a derm and found out it was some kind of fungus I picked up on my face (I'm guessing from one time at the gym, must have touched a machine and then touched my face right after like an idiot). I'm clear now with the occasional one or two pimples but no more ACNE. If you got insurance, go see a dermatologist and see if they can do something for you. Explain your situation and you should be alright.

As far as hiding from everything I don't recommend it. I understand it 100% because I was just like you, but I still went out and I kept my social life. Anybody that has a problem with you because of your acne isn't worth your time, if they don't care you shouldn't care. Live ya life man, acne is just a phase and people tend to lose sight of that during the few years they have it which emotionally destroys them even after it's gone.

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