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Moisturizing only a night...

I hate use product on my face during the day, with a passion...but my face always seems to be dry and flakey after I shower in the morning. I'm slowly giving up on exfoliators, like BHAs and AHAs, because it's just getting overwhelming trying to maintain my skin every single day. It's tiring and depressing. Now I just wash with Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash.

Anyway...then the only way I hydrate and get rid of most of the flakes and dry patches is by drinking water and splashing my face with water a few times...I think it's only causing my skin temporary relief from the dryness. Then throughout the day, I notice my skin becomes oily and oilier as the day goes on, and also my redmarks and redness in my cheeks begins to come out. By the end of the night my face looks all flushed, red, and oliy. I hate it.

So my question is...if I just moisturize at night...will that prevent the flakes during the day? I'm thinking about buying Dan's Moisturizer and giving it another whirl. I'd really love some input because this is just getting hopeless. -_-

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I'm a huge fan of moisturizing both day and night. Yeah, I'd rather not have to spend the time doing it but it's critical for my skin's health and the only way to reduce my flakes.

Maybe you may not want a really moisturizing 'shiny' look on your face during the day, so perhaps you could get a very light moisturizer for daytime and a more intensive moisturizer at night to combat the flakes. Splashing with water isn't going to help at all. The water will evaporate from your skin, leaving it drier than before. This may be why your skin gets oily at the end of the day---your skin feels that there isn't enough moisture, so it has to produce more.

All the best :)

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In the same boat as you mate, i dislike putting stuff on my face in the mornings really, especially if im at college all day. I moisturise at night using Cetaphil Moisturising cream and jojoba oil(for me the jojoba oil at night really makes a massive difference, like HUGE in terms of moisturisation and my cheels wont go red/feel sore at all), and usually can get away with just a little bit of moisturiser in the morning and sometimes a drop or 2 of jojoba to keep me good for most of the day without it getting oily.

Sometimes my nose will get a bit oily, but it always has done before i started using any product or whatever :(

Drinking plenty of water is good, and i noticed a significant improvement in my face when i made myself drink several litres a day, but i got bored of doing that pretty fast =/

Splashing your face with cool water is bad though, although straight afterwards it will feel great in the long run its goin to dry your face out more. Usually just getting like a bit of moisturiser (i mean like a pea sized amount or something) and putting it on the areas that you feel are getting tight/dry is enough just to loosen it all up again and wont make it look oily.

I always find its the same couple of places i feel dry and bad on at the end of the day if i haven't moisturised: my top lip where it meets my cheek kinda (where i'd have a moustache if i didnt shave), the front of my chin, and on my cheekbones. I guess maybe its to do with shaving, but these areas tend to get really red and raw by the end of the day if i don't put a little bit of moisturiser on when i have the time.

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