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Anyone have subcision lately?

had one about a year and a half... and it helped somewhat but gave me a bit of a line scar....

then had a dermabrasion which took away some benefit of the subcision...

so now going with a new doc and having subcision Next monday.

I have been taking vitamin C for a few months now and am going to switch to taking Ester C soon (about 2 mgs per day)

Also goign to take Zinc (picking up zinc today)

Will be prepared for about 9 days of downtime off of work... you can have 7 days usually, but I remember took more like 2 week sbefore bruising was REALLY gone...

Sucks will have to have kind of a weird appearance for a couple months... I remember last time I didn't feel truly comfortable with the appearance until about 4 months out from subcision...

Anyways just wondering if anyone else has done subcision recently and how it went for em.

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I haven't yet, but I'm planning to as soon as I can get some time off from work, maybe in the next few months.

I would suggest eating foods or taking supplements that calm inflammation (so perhaps avoid refined sugar, coffee, tomatoes, etc.)

Please keep us updated. I hope you get good results! :)

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taking zinc 50 mg twice a day, and C 1000mg twice a day... going to also pick some grapefruit, oranges, and orange juice to increase some more vitamin C intake.

I'll also try and eat some good veggies for now and after the healing process.

I hope my 9 days is enough for downtime though.

Other than that I know last time I had subcision the bruising was gone completely after about 2 weeks. It was 80% gone after 1 week.

I looked "funny" in the area for about a solid month- two months the skin looked... off, so am kind of nervous because of this... especially since I work in public and have to be around people. I mean I can tolerate it for a couple months, but hopefully it won't be as funny looking as it was last time.

By funny looking I mean the subcised area was appearing slightly bumpy and the linear scar I received was most apparent right after the subcision.

It regressed significantly at months 4-6.

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I had a couple of subcisions in the last 18 months and experienced a improvement of 30% (deeper scars) to 80% (shallower scars). Bruising lasted for 7 to 10 days.

How is your subcision and recovery going?

How many scars did you have done and how deep were they?

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had it done today, swollen, not too bruised... microswelling makes most scars not too apparent. hopefully will feel okay about everyhting in a week when bruising/swelling is gone. happy thanksgiving everyone.

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Good luck and keep us updated on your progress!

I am going to get this done too. I was supposed to get it done last month, but I needed oral surgery right near where some scars were and didn't want to mess with that area, since I had some complications with my surgery. I just finally have healed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Guest Timehealsall
Hope you are healing process is going well!

hopefully this works out for you man.

The only advice i can give is maybe to also take curcumin (as it is anti inflammatory). If anyone else can pitch in on this, would be great for the OP

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Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving.

Today is wednseday about 1 week 2 dayts from when I had subcision. You can't really tell that I had anything done on my face really, just some small marks where the nokor needle was replaced.

For everyone curious about subcision I recommend you do a thorough search on the boards and read Mr. Matt's Posts, Ernesto's and other peoples as well. Also, do a good google search on it.

The procedure took roughly 20 minutes maybe 30 minutes total. Some of that time was spent numbing the area with local anesthetic. I had my right cheek done. I had one rolling scar (my large area), one small line-type indent on my face, and some smaller shadowing type rolling scars.

The area was not really bloody at all afterwards. I felt swollen for a day... and had swelling which was present in the face for about 3-4 days but really minimal bruising.

When I say minimal bruising I mean just a little bit of yellowish bruising... not really any dark bruising at all... I would say that I looked somewhat presentable after about 4 days of the procedure... and was able to still feel okay when being in public after a few days.

I used an ice pack for the first day mainly and shortly for the 2nd day and a little on the third. I also washed the face gently and have not applied any product on the right cheek since the procedure and am gentle on the area.

Now most of the microswelling is gone and I can see my results are fairly good ( I saw the results right away but obviously as swelling goes down it looks different).

I would describe it as this. My main rolling scar improved drastically. I had improvement from this once from subcision but lost that improvement when I got dermabrasion. Now I think the rolling scar is move level with the skin and just looks... better... I am not even two weeks out from the procedure and I know from experience that the skin continuously improves slowly over a 5 month period...

My small line indent(also kind of a rolling indent sorta), (I have another line line scar but this is something different to which i refer) has also improved and is less noticeable. Not gone entirely but improved nicely. My face overall has a better contour and looked better and I am happy with everything so now I just will bite my tongue and hope that improvement continues.

I did NOT receive any new line-like scars from this procedure.

My first round of subcision with a different doctor about a year and a half ago... I had a lot of bruising... my face looked weird and sorta bumpy for about a month and that is where I got my true line-like scar... This time went much better overall, less bruising, and better results and my face doesn't have a weird appearance like last time (although last time that appearance did get better with time and saw improvement nevertheless). This coul dalso be because my scars were shallower this time around, not sure.

Anyways, for people with rolling, and depressed scarring I recommend subcision completely with a good board certified dermatologist that has been doing it and understands the skin and your goals.

I'll post an update a month from now and thne 3 months from now.

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On a Side note I am taking 2000mg's of Vitamin C a day, Zinc about 100 mg a day, and am currently on minocycline (per my own request to prevent any breakouts before and after the procedure getting done) It is important to not get any serious acne breakouts when you are going through certain procedures... so I requested minocycline as a preventative.

Other than that I will continue tazorac use in a few days when I feel ready.

I find tazorac or a topical retinoid aids in continuing the collagen renewal process or at least improves skin by growth and re-growth (the skin flaking/shedding process).

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