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Acne on my face

Does acne make your skin look dry and bad because I notice that without dry skin ppl are usaully beatiful.... so anyways im a 17 year old guy with acne also black heads on my nose but the acne is normal for teens I know that but I wish it would go away because it makes me feel really bad about myself.

I cant even go to school when I have acne it sucks wish it would just go away... face mask works or no? If so how many times would we need to use it a week. Because I would rather have smooth good looking skin rather then red dots on my face.

I never know if ppl care about me or anything I was talking to my dad about me thinking im a loser because I dropped out of school and he said im not a loser I just need to help out around the house till I get a job.

Forget some of it but I was like looks matter and he said hope your not talking about yourself because I liked like you when I was your age and I had np getting women. But anyways I dont like the feel of it eather. I drink alot of water to work out etc.

Leave reply if you think you can help and let me know other ways to improve.

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Dry Skin and Acne

There are basically three types of skin: oily, dry and normal. All types of skin are susceptible to acne and the degree of severity depends on various conditions. A large percentage of people have all three types on their face and other parts of their bodies requiring different care for each type.

A person with dry skin does not escape acne and winter is the worse time for their outbreaks. Even though acne is more prevalent under the skin rather than on the surface for these skin types, a daily regimen of skin care needs to be followed. As the seasons change so does the skin condition.

In the winter moisture is scarce due to the drop in humidity and temperature. Combined with indoor heating and environment, the skin becomes even more dry and irritated. The skin begins itching and flaking around the mouth, nose, shoulders and buttocks. In more severe cases there is cracking of the skin leaving it vulnerable to bacteria and increase of acne. A daily routine of adding moisture to the skin will help offset this problem.

Hot showers and baths remove moisture from the skin and should be avoided. The drier your skin, the more you need to use moisturizer. Read the labels to find ingredients including glycerin, mineral oil, linoleic acid or ceramides. For best results apply the moisturizer within five minutes of stepping out of the shower or bath to avoid further drying of the skin.

Taking care of dry skin in the summer requires a change in daily routine. The air is more humid and the skin absorbs the moisture better. Sweat and the heat make pores softer, pulling in more bacteria and liquid. At this point, some retinoids should be included in the daily routine, but should be covered with a moisturizer cream and strong sunscreen.

Retinoids reduce oil and bacteria that cause acne but can also dry the skin. As an added benefit, retinoids also reduce lines, wrinkles and sunspots in dry skinned people.

Scientists have not proven that dry skin is more prone to scarring than other skin types. But they have found that scarring is closely related to the type of skin you have inherited. They have also discovered that scarring is caused because the blemish was not allowed to heal properly.

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