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after 8 weeks on tretinoin

Hello all,

finally I write a log for my medication. I'm now on week 8 (or 9? didn't really remember when I started lol) and still suffering from whiteheads and pustules. A lot of times I wondered if this medication really worked and just wanted to give it up, but I keep reminding myself that this's gonna be worth it.. Well, many members here have proved that it really works for acne, that it needs patience.. Afterall, I've gone through 8 weeks already so it's only a month away from the 3 months mark... Well, I haven't seen much progress though.. There are seven inflamed whiteheads on my left cheek, about five on my right cheek, and few on my forehead..

When I first started tretinoin, my skin did become drier and flaky and reddish. Since then, 30mins after applying tretinoin gel, I applied moisturizer (I used Estee Lauder ANR and Cyber White moisturizer).. The redness has significantly subsided.. but now I'm left with massive amount of DARK red marks which make my face look much worse that it actually is.. T___T

Two days ago I added topical Clindamycin on my regimen.. I actually dislike taking antibiotics, but since it's topical I think it's OK. I think the topical AB helps avoiding inflamed whiteheads..

I reallllly hope it clears before mid December cos I'll travel and meet few new colleagues and I don't want to scare them with my face... *crossing fingers

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Day 62:

No new bumps on cheek, though some of the old bumps are still there too.. (usually the new ones appear every other day)

Woke up with some new tiny pustules appear on my right jaw line, they itch like bitch.. but after I washed my face and applied topical AB, they become crusty now..

Five red bumps on forehead, near hairline.. The topical AB helps reducing the inflammation thus they appear less red.

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