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What should I choose? (Inflammatory acne..)

I'm new here and i really need some help :( I want to try some supplements (but of course I'm willing to try other advice as well)


20 years old, female, bad skin for about a year.

My skin:

My face is full of acne, some whiteheads but mostly red pimples..I think they are papules and pustules. My biggest problem is that they are so red and irritated, sometimes it hurts or itches. I really don't know what to do about the inflammation. My skin has never been oily, I would say it is a bit dry.


I want to try some supplements but I have no clue what... What do you consider good? And maybe you could even give an example of something that could be good for my skintype. And how much do i need of it??

(I havent been on any BC pills, medications or so. And i also want to say that i prefer natural and organic ingredients in my face, I'm not really into chemicals.)

I hope someone read this through and will say something :) Thanks!

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You should try zinc and vitamin d3 - Google these terms along with acne.org to bring up all of the threads on them for recommendations on types and dosage. They're very helpful and I've had great results from them.

I also like evening primrose oil and fish oil, again there are lots of reviews and threads on acne.org.

Hope it helps you!

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Do you eat healthy? That should be the first step and then you can look into adding vitamins/supplements... they won't cancel out a crappy diet. Also, start by introducing one at a time. If you start using a bunch of different supps/vits all at once you won't know what's helping or worsening your skin. I would recommend starting with a zinc gluconate supplement first. Do not exceed 50 mg and always take with food (otherwise you can get really nauseated). Try that for about 2 weeks or so and see how your skin/body responds. I wouldn't recommend a multivitamin because many people claim the iodine in them can cause breakouts in sensitive individuals. My dermatologist recommended taking a Vitamin D3 supplement but i haven't tried it yet. Also, many people on here swear by fish oil. Good luck!

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Take fatty acids like Grape seed oil or Omega3. Also moisturize that skin with a thin layer of skin lipids, like Effaclar H, Fisiogel AI or another of your choice. In time, your skin will react better to inflammation. And not forget to use Salycilic Acid on the spot to also help inflammation be reduced.

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