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acne really makes you way more mature

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hello acne.org im brand new to this site & i just wanted to start on my first post. well here we go... im 17 years old and i started geting acne when i was 12 right during 8th grade :confused:. i noticed that when i was younger (before i started breaking out) i dint have a care in the world to be honest if i would have seen some one walking with acne back then i probably whould have teased them or something i was dumbe like that lol, id never do that now of course. in fact after all the bull i been threw i dont care what a person looks like, beacuse its really is whats on the inside that counts. having this condition has really made me grow up fast & to see the world as it really is. LOOKS play a HUGE role in your life, its gust a fact unfortunatly. it dosent matter if your a good person or bad... if you look ugly people are gona treat you like sh!t :wall:. i swaer if i hade a doller for every time i was called ugly, disgusting, sick ect i really whould be a very ritch person lol. i want to to know if having acne has changed the view of other people & if they have also been forced to mutcher beacuse of this.

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Well 1st things 1st, welcome. :) Yeah, definitely! I've had some VERY severe acne... it runs in the family, and it seems a LOT worse than any body else's I've seen. Which sucks, point of fact. I still have problems with acne, and of course all the scarring & red purplish marks. But I've learned to deal with it, & accept it, for the most part... I don't have to tell you how tough that is. And I've learned to (atleast try to) see the beauty in myself. I DO believe going through this can make you a better person... if anything more tolerant & respectful towards others. It drives me CRAZY how incredibly cruel & vain some people are! I would NEVER make fun of another's person's looks... and I suppose it's because of what I've been through. So it does make you more compassionate, kind, and as you put quite well... mature.

I'd rather have acne & be a more understanding, compassionate person, and perhaps be a victim of cruel remarks... than to be the immature & perhaps ignorant jerk who hurts & belittles others, if ya know what I mean.

So good post! :)

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