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New to the board...Hello

Hey guys...I'm new to the board, been looking at it for advice and such for awhile, so I thought I'd join.

Some background on me...

I'm a 25 year old asian male, I've been dealing with acne for about the past 4-5 years. Just recently has it started to get pretty bad, though. I've had multiple cysts around my mouth and by my ears (one that has subsided, but is still a red mark, been there for over 6 months now)...I get bumps and large, red spots around my jawline now as well.

My treatment method was OTC topical products mostly before to keep it in check, but once the cystic acne started and wasn't going away, I went to a derm about a month ago.

My derm put me on 115 mg Solodyn, and Ziana topical gel. So far, it seems my skin has gotten worse, but I've read reviews stating it could take a couple of months before you see results from Solodyn, so I'm holding out hope.

Acne has really taken it's toll psychologically on me thus far, however. I have developed anxiety issues, depression issues, etc all because of my acne. Sometimes it just hurts to look in the mirror and see what is happening to my skin. I enjoy life and have always been generally a happy person, but the past couple of years of bad skin has taken it's toll.

Anyways, I've read a lot of encouraging words of wisdom on this board, so I thought I'd post and introduce myself to you all. We can all get through this.

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