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Looking for a good over the counter product

I was on accutane for 4-5 months and it got rid of most of my bad acne. Now I've started to notice I have a bunch of tiny red bumps around my jaw line (don't think their white heads). I was wondering if there was any good over the counter products i could buy to manage this type of acne? Maybe a nice regimen too keep it at bay. Hoping to not spend a lot and looking for something that the usual Walgreens would have (no shipping).

Any help is appreciated!

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Are you looking for a face wash/ treatment/ serum/ full regimen of products? Budget?

My budget is flexible but I'm looking more for probably a local product (not off website) so that I don't have to pay shipping and all that jazz everytime I need more of the product.

Not sure exactly what I'm looking for. In short I guess a product thats pretty quick and easy to apply or use and.. well one that has been known to work.

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are you a guy?

if so, i assume its from shaving?

Yes. And good point. But I do notice every once and a while I get the accasional bigger bump which I do assume is acne. Any good product to get rid of those quick or prevent them

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I would highly recommend Oxy Clinical. You buy three different items, the fash wash, benzoyl peroxide and a hydrator. I personally don't like the hydrator so I only use the fash wash and bp. It's phenomenal. THe bp will dry you out for a couple of weeks, but its so worth it. I have extremely stubborn acne and this is the only product since I was 12 (now 23) that works.

I was on Benzaclin and Differin, but I'm in college and don't have health insurance, so it was too much money, but the Oxy works just as well, if not better, than those two.

At night, I usually steam my face for 5-10 minutes then use the Oxy products.

I've used the regular Oxy products in the past with no results, but the Oxy Clinical is great.

Hope you try it! :D

P.S. It's only about $7 per item

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