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anyone with info about isolaz?

hello! i had an isolaz acne treatment two days ago, and i am panicking because i have burn marks in the shape of the laser equipment all over my face...plus i haven't started to peel, like the doctor said i would. and it was NOT painless, it was absolutely horrible, i was in tears by the end of the session. so, does anybody know if it is supposed to be like this? or maybe the doctor didn't have a clue?

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Hey there,

I'm sorry to hear your treatment didn't go well. To my knowledge, the side effects you experienced are NOT supposed to happen. Peeling and burn marks? Sounds like something's wrong.

Did you have your face cleansed first? If so, was it with a medicated cleanser (i.e, glycolic acid, etc.)?

Did you have your face sprayed with water before the instrument touched your face?

How many times was the laser used over the same area?

Do yourself a favour: get a second opinion.

I had my third treatment several days ago, and have not had any side effects, and I have VERY sensitive skin. However, I started asking some more questions about the treatment after not noticing much of a difference after the first two trials.

Apparently, the vacuum isn't strong enough to pull out many of the black heads from our skin because the pores are too deep. It does clear the comedone if it's near the surface...sometimes. I was informed that the pulse of light does most of the work to "shrink" the oil gland. But this brings me to another question: how can the oil gland shrink if it's blocked because the vacuum can't suck the comedone out?

I think I'm going to try the old method of salt water and lemon juice steam, followed by plain old extractions.

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