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Ziana log !

Okay so I know I should've started a log earlier because now it is about my second week on Ziana.

I started Oct 29 doing every other day until Nov 3 when I started every night consistently.

I'm gonna start from Nov 3 and say this is my 12th day on my regimen.


17, female.

Morning: wash face with cetaphil, NO face makeup,

Night: wash face with cetaphil, wait about 30 min, apply pea sized amount of ziana

Day 12

So I think I'm going through an initial breakout phrase right about now. It's not terrible but new pimples are definitely coming up, and the older ones are taking a while to heal.

Couple things Ive noticed on this gel:

-It makes my skin EXTREMELY smooth, i love it !

-When it purges the skin I seem to get a lot of whiteheads, something I never really used to get on my cheeks.

-It's not very irritating, so far at least. My skin can be a little red sometimes, but it is not very drying and I feel like during the day it provides my face with just the right amount of oil so I'm not dry.

Skin Progress:

Forehead: breaking out more than usual, small little whiteheads

Nose: also breaking out more than usual, small little red pimples and whiteheads

Chin: for the most part clear, a pimple here and there, (was never a problem area)

Cheeks(I get acne here badly, most on my inner cheeks though. It hasn't spread to my jawline or hairline as much, *knock on wood*): anyways, lots of whiteheads popping up, trying so bad not to pop, overall appearance seems nicer (scars and such)

Sorry for the long post guys. Please feel free to ask questions!

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Day 13

I really hope this is the initial breakout because my skin looks terrible. There are a lot of pimples in spots that I normally don't get many. Skin is still pretty smooth. SO hard to not lose motivation.

Does anyone think this is the IB? I really hope so!

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start using a moisturizer. if you arent use to one or dont like it, at least start using one only at night. it will help. i am on ziana myself and i use a pea sized amount of ziana which i rub together using the palm of my hands then use a full pump of dan's moisturizer and rub again. then i gently spread the mixture over my face until its even. i usually use another pump of just the moisturizer after putting on the mix. i experience a little purging but within a week it stopped. it may be different for you. also, for me, cetaphil was not a good choice for face wash or moisturizer. i dont know why but i broke out a lot from using it.

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i don't seem to need a moisturizer on ziana, im not dry at all really. my skin is rather oily.

you found that cetaphil cleanser broke you out? it's so gentle though...

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