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Desperate girl with lots of pimples need HELP (organic)

Hey everyone, I'm a new girl here and need a lot of help!

(I'm European and my english may be incorrect sometimes)

Okey so as I said I am desperate. My face has pimples everywhere. I would say that I have had acne for about a year now, I'm 20 years old now. The thing is that my face is never ever oily, it can be dry though. So I guess that drying out my skin just causes more acne.

Some of my acne are whiteheads, but my main problem is INFLAMMATION! My face is full of red irritated dots, small and big ones. It's also itchy sometimes (not the kind of itch caused of dryness, its probably because of the irritation).

I eat and live pretty healthy, but maybe i need more vitamins and stuff.. But when i started getting acne I didnt change anything in my diet as i can remember. I would guess that my skin problem could be caused of hormones, bacterias, unbalance in my stomach.. But who knows what ;)

I have tried a couple of things but i feel pretty lost and don't really know what the best would be for my skin. I'm determinated that I want to use natural treatments and products. No chemicals, just organic stuff.

I need any help I can get and I'm open for almost everything, but i dont want to try any medications, BP, chemicals or birth control pills yet.

1. What could be a good remedy for my skin? Something that is good for irritated acne but also for dry skin.. Natural home treatments or products that seem to work (also organic).

2. I'm also intrested in supplements, but what should I try, and how much every day?

3. Same about diet, which foods and how much should I eat of it?

4. Other tips and ideas :D

If anyone has the same skintype and acne as me, what do you use? I feel so lost and really want some personal help.. I'm happy for all the help I can get!

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I have been on the all natural route for my acne for a few months now. It can be frustrating at times, but I am getting some good results finally.

Right now, I just sort of go with the flow, and do whichever treatment I feel like doing for the day.

Here are some treatments that I enjoy:

1) oatmeal mask -- grind 1tbsp oatmeal in coffee grinder, and add like a little hot water, just to form a paste. apply to face, wait 10 mins, and rinse off (best done before shower, so you can rinse there)

2) honey masks work, too. Just put a little honey on your face :) rinse off after 15 mins

3) My skin looks a lot less inflamed today, and thats cause I applied pure aloe vera (straight from the plant) to my skin before bed. I washed my face with Purpose cleanser before, though.

4) steaming. boil some water, pour it in a shallow bowl, and place your face over the bowl. Drape a towel over your head to trap the steam. This makes my face feel SO clean. after cleasner, it really purifies and makes my skin feel moisturised.

5) you can exfoliate as necessary, with baking soda and water, or a muslin cloth. I prefer the muslin, gentler than a washcloth :) sometimes i need a gentle scrub, but its usually too irritating for me.

6) try jojoba oil to moisturise your skin. A few drops leave skin calm and happy

** There are many, all-natural beauty treatments, really homemade stuff. Lots of resources online. Egg whites or yolks apear a lot, yogurt, etc. I really got into this through the book Naturally Beautifulby Dawn Gallagher. The milk and cucumber cleanser in it, makes my skin feel sooo balanced. (a seedless, skinned cucumber pureed in milk).

Try out what seems right, and see what happens. It definitely takes patience to go the all natural route, but it's what I enjoy to do, so i stick with it. My skin usually feels nourished after these treatments :)

As far as diet, I don't mess with that. I like bagels and unhealthy things to much :)

I also found this interesting site. It makes products with argan oil. They have an affordable sample pack



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