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Trying Max Clarity...

I have had acne since I was 12 years old, and I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it. I have tried natural remedies to accutane and nothing has ever really worked. I got pregnant in 2009 and my pregnancy was the only relief I had from acne, but once my son was born, my skin has gotten progressively worse since.

So after fighting this 12 year skin battle- I signed on to this website and saw some pretty good reviews for Max Clarity. I have spent thousands of dollars on proactive, murad, accutane, ance free, and all the other products that are out there- and $20 isn't a number that is going to break the bank every month. I have never tried a foam and the combination of salisylic acid and benzoyl peroxide has given me results before. I have severe acne around my mouth, chin and cheeks- the cystic kind with pimples that form deep under the skin and get sore.

So I decided to order the Max Clarity system, the website was easy to use although they are very vague about the product use and descriptions, which made me nervous. Also, when you order they "give" you automatic reordering, so they take the money out of your account every month, I don't know how all that will end up working out...

I thought that I would have to wait at least 2 weeks for the product, but surprisingly it arrived in less than a week! I opened it and used it tonight and I must say that I like the way it feels on my skin!

The multiple similarly colored bottles were a little confusing, but the foaming face wash was great, it got ALL my makeup off, but it made my skin feel a little tight, but overall VERY clean. I used the first foam, following the directions and I liked it as well. The final step was quick and easy- and calmed the feeling of the first two steps. Max Clarity product has made my skin feel really clean and refreshed- and I am looking forward to seeing if it works. I would say if you have sensitive skin- this product might take some getting used to- maybe add a light moisturizer. I will keep posting and letting you know if I have any success with Max Clarity!

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I've tried both Murad and Proactiv and countless others too. MAX CLARITY is the BEST by far. The others are crap, MC is pretty good. If you call customer service, they can offer you a deal where you only have to reorder the product as needed. Much nicer this way. Definitely get a moisturizer, I found that MC wasn't overly drying but a moisturizer does make things better. I use DML lotion, its cheap, light and effective. Best of Luck,


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