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I may be committing suicide (not what you think)

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For about 3 weeks, I really limited my carb intake, and it was usually around 75-150g a day, and that is pretty low for me. I generally avoided products that raise then insulin level as much as possible, though not entirely. As a result, after 2-3 weeks, I didn't have a major breakout, and really only a few isolated zits. This may be due to my limiting carbs, but I've also completely eliminated dairy products from my diet for the last 5 weeks or so. From 8/9-8/31, however, I will not be limiting my carb intake, (though I'm still not eating/drinking dairy products), and will probably eat 100% and maybe a little more of the reccomended daily value every day. I'm going to compare results. This could result in a horrible outbreak as soon as school starts, but I really don't care about what those people think about me that much anyway. Or maybe I'll find out that wheat, pasta, etc. doesn't affect my acne? Who knows, but if anyone is interested I'll keep you posted.

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OK, stay with me here. Two weeks ago to the date I had a pretty big meal with lots of fat, carbs, etc, but for the rest of that week up until the next SATURDAY I followed my lower carb diet. From that Saturday up until THIS MORNING I followed a pretty high-carb diet, and last night and this morning I had a ton of cinnamon rolls, but other than that it was a high-carb/low sugar diet. I'm going back onto my lower-carb diet this afternoon and will stay on it until early-September, and that is the time when I should see the results of this experiment of mine. Hopefully my face won't be totally broken out and I will know that a high carb diet doesn't affect my acne.

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I'm confused by the title of your post as you don't mention suicide anywhere in your thread. Please try and stay positive about your situation and if you are feeling very low, please check out the links at the top of the 'emotional effects' forum - it might be worth talking over your feelings with a trained counselor at the end of one of those helplines.

Keep us posted, especially if you start feeling very low.



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I think you misunderstood. Civ isn't literally committing suicide, but he is going off his low carb diet to test if was what helped his skin, or if it was dairy products, thus he could be committing facial suicide, so to speak. At least that's the way I understand it.

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