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Moisturizing Mask took away my acne.

Hello Everyone,

I just signed up to this forum, I wanted to share with you all after a good 12 years of having acne, today I finally have zero pimple on my face *knock on wood*. I used to have mild to servre acne, I've counted how many pimples on my face before and the total was 43. Yes my face was covered. I want to share with you my story of how it all began...

It started in high school when I was 17, that was when i started getting a pimple here and there, It wasn't that much of a problem, until I finished high school and went to univercity, that's when my servre acne kicked in, I thought it was stress, but now I thought about it, it wasn't.

My first mistake that started my servre acne was using medicated bar soap to wash my face! I have oily skin, and so I thought... I went out and bought the soap for "Oily" skin. Back then I dont know any better, I live in cental Canada, the climate here is ALWAYS dry, so now I think about it, there's no way my skin is oily. The only reason my skin is oily is because my skin is waaaay too dry, my body was trying to compensate for the dryness therefore producing more oil on my skin. And to make it worst, I use a face wash that drys up my skin even more!

So for some of you that might make the same mistake I did. Use a piece of tissue, wipe the oil on your face and look into the mirror, does your face shows dry skin? mine sure did! Yes it took me a good 10 years to figure this out.

I tried alot of things before I figure out it was just my skin too dry that caused my acne. I've been on antibiotics, Accutane, Tried proactive, all sorts of acne cream. Nothing worked!

The thing that worked for me was putting moisture back into my skin. Yes it was that simple, I do not use any kind of facewash what so ever, I just use plain warm water. And the magical thing that got rid of my acne is... "A Moisturizing Mask". You know those mask you get 1 mask in a package, there's all kinds, there's whiteing kinds, ones that shrinks your pore, I use the one that moisturize and it's made with aleo. I use that mask on me once a day and then put on moisturizing cream, day or night cream.

That was it, these 2 things that cleared up my acne, putting on a Moisturizing Mask once a day for 10 minutes, and using moisturizing cream during the day and night after washing face.

You can find these mask everywhere, If you're from Canada, I got mine at TNT Supermarket, but most beauty store should have these mask. When it's on sell it cost $11.99 for a box of 10 mask, reg $15.99. Even on Ebay they have lots for sell. I only use these mask every 2-3 days now, but for the first month i used it everyday and that was what fixed my acne problem.

And Dont be shy to buy these mask, I am a Guy and I goto beauty stores to buy stuff. Whatever it takes to makes my acne go away =)

I really hope you guys might have the problem I have because this is the exact way to fix it. I wish you all luck on your battle against acne.

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Moved to the General acne products forum, since this has nothing to do with the Acne.org regimen. Please read the forum headings and descriptions before posting.

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