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A potential CURE for acne

My brother did an experiment in Chemistry class way back when testing the efficacy of various anti-bacterial agents like Listerine, bleach, Lysol etc. but he said Listerine was virtually useless and after all was said and done, iodine came out on top as most effective by far. It's no coincidence that surgeons paint your body with it before cutting on you; it's instant death for bacteria.

So here's my 'cure' for acne, simply apply Iodine Povidone to your face at night. The Povidone form carries a high % of iodine and is still legal to get in large amounts since the meth labs can't make use of it; it's chemically bound so that it's sort of a time release as it degrades AND it washes off easily in the morning. But be ready to have a stained pillow case.

Tincture of Iodine is VERY staining and it doesn't just wash off, esp the 7% variety although it is very potent, possibly overkill for this, not to mention hard to find and only comes in tiny bottles.

Decolorized Iodine - White Iodine - Yodo Blanco is what I prefer, since it doesn't stain at all so you can put it on in the morning and go about your day. It's bleached with ammonia so what i do is open a bottle (from ebay) and let the ammonia evaporate over a week or so, until the odor is gone. It also contains a healthy % of iodine. I use a tiny spray bottle like you get at a beauty supply to apply it.

Iodine is a trace nutrient and fortunately absorbed by the skin. It's used in the body for FAR more than thyroid function and imo, one of the most chronic deficiencies in America today, possibly contributing to high incidences of cancers of many many, if not all varieties since it's said to play a role in the proper death of old or cells with mutations, which would keep them from causing problems. I've also seen a reduction in wrinkles, maybe this killing off tired skin cells at work?? The stuff does burn a bit btw.

It takes like 1 entire gram to overdose on it so topical application is extremely safe, in fact the body seems to quit absorbing it once it's had enough...i've noticed that myself but i also take a kelp pill daily. Table salt just isn't cutting it for getting enough iodine into our bodies, esp. seeing that many avoid table salt for other health reasons.

Also imo, bacteria-causing acne lodge deep in the skin and that's why most topical things just simply can't get to it. That's why some have reported success by mixing in 20% DMSO with their iodine since DMSO is a carrier and gets the iodine deeper into the skin. DMSO (Dimethyl Sulphoxide) isn't FDA recommended but all the research i've uncovered says it's completely harmless. What's sad is that powerful drugs like Accutane get approved and yet they wreak havoc on the liver. That's the evil power of big money at work and may the people creating this nastiness enjoy a sad end to their wicked life. Jehovah is watching and taking notes. You can skip the DMSO though, since iodine is already absorbed into the skin by itself. Bleach for athletes foot isn't FDA recommended either but a 10% mix sprayed on my feet before a shower extinguished my problem for good when i had it once. The fact it works and only takes one treatment seems like a no-brainer over pills and creams.

The bottom line is that iodine has improved my complexion immensely. I don't have acne but have been plagued with Sebacious Hyperplasia which can be as annoying as acne so i've been on the search for a cure and came up to these conclusions and pleasant results. My SH hasn't gone away 100% but is being kept in check since the cysts don't swell up like they used to. I don't know for sure if it's a mechanical issue that the iodine is addressing as a nutrient or if it's the anti-bacterial action that is helping; maybe both. I used to get these tiny hard bits of sebum on my forehead that i'd scratch out but they've gone completely. I also apply the iodine to my scalp and now fewer pimples on me head; and to boot it's said to help with hair growth which gets my vote.

Now some word of caution. One can go overboard waging a war against bacteria. Our lives depend on the critters. I've read that without a certain bacteria living on your eye-lashes, we'd go blind! Just in case that's true, i avoid putting iodine around my eyes. It's like some use Hydrogen Peroxide to gargle with and kill ALL the bacteria in the mouth, then get white lesions of fungal growth growing (thrush). The good bacteria keep fungal growth in check. I still use it for spot treatment around sensitive gums but avoid total gargling. They're just now finding out that some major digestive diseases are related to a deficiency of the right mix of bacteria in the gut and some completely alleviated through Stool Transplants...which means giving them an enema made up of the poo from a relative who has normal digestion, imagine that! (or better yet, don't imagine that).

Some of the most aggravating issues have very simple answers. But there's no money in that is there? It's more profitable to keep the cattle...umm, i mean consumers (certainly not viewed as citizens) in the dark and without a real CURE, because that would end the gravy train of life-long prescriptions and doctor visits and the all important research. There's no money in a CURE, there's only money in RESEARCHING a cure and issuing meds with side-effects that need more drugs to alleviate. Don't underestimate the power of corporate greed and their entwining with government (kind of like the S.E.C. and Wall Street, almost one in the same).

Your reading my rant is the price you've paid for my simple plan to fight your acne. Let me know if it works for you.

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