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210mg/kg! 7 months

Hi all. I started my Accutane course in May. I weigh 135 pounds and started out on 40mg for a month then 60mg for 5 more months total of 6 months on accutane. Today was supposed to be my last day on it with the followup. My last bump was about 3 weeks ago and it was on the back of my neck, the bump is still there but almost all dried up. Before that one my last bump was a month prior. I didn't really expect my derm to want me to continue for another month because I'm clear besides the one that's almost gone back of my neck, this time I was given 80mg/day, when I'm done I'll have a 210mg/kg cumulative dose after 7 months.

I'm pretty nervous..I don't want any long-term side effects as the recommended cumulative dose is 120-150. so far all I've had to deal with is dryness.

Have any of you went beyond the 150mg/kg?

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I went slightly over. I will reach 163 mg/kg by the end of my treatment. I had very severe acne though. I would address this concern with the dermatologist but from my opinion I am not worried. Like you I have had nothing more than dryness everywhere. I had backaches but only temporarily, no stomach problems or anything like that. I started at 40, then 50, three months of 60 and now I am doing 20 days of 40 every other day. I am slowly easing off with a low dose.

Another thing that eased my mind was, I found some girl who weight around what I do 53 kg and she was taking 100mg a day.

I think the recommended cumulative does is exactly that, recommended. I don't think it's an absolute no-no to go over.

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