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12 Years Too Long

Hey all, I'm new on here.

23 years old



I've had bad acne since I was about 11. I always got the normal, "It's normal you're a teen."

I've tried everything, all sorts of antibiotics and topicals.

Until I was about 18 I NEVER left the house without makeup. Finally I just got sick of the nasty feeling of makeup and how it made the acne worse, I only put it on for special occasions or pictures now.

Since about 18 I've been tanning (horrible I know) and using self tanner to try to "mask" the acne. It seemed to make it less noticeable when I had more color in my skin. As my husband puts it, I beat my skin into submission.

I met my now husband at 19 and he told me about accutane and how it worked wonders for his skin.

At 21 I was all set to go on it when I found out I was pregnant with my son.

At 22 I had moved to Connecticut where my Dermatologists there refused to use accutane. It would have been the perfect time though, as I was away from my husband and not sexually active, I wouldn't have to be paranoid about pregnancy, which I am, even with birth control and condoms.

Well I am now back in my husband's hometown and seeing his old doctors. Going on accutane on Monday!

I'm SO excited.

My acne get's so severe and painful for about 2 weeks out of the month (it coincides with my cycle/hormones) that i wont even go out of the house, I'm so depressed.

I'm ready for this hell to end!

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good luck! sounds like you've had more than your fair share of years to deal w/ acne. no wonder you're freakin fed up! hell is right.

i start on accutane in about 10 days (female, 31 YOA).

i really hope you get the results youre needing. i hope we all do.

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Lab messed up with my blood work, I had to reschedule my appointment. So (knock on wood) I get my prescription TOMORROW!

I can't wait.

My skin is actually pretty clear today and I know I will go in and the doctor will say, "It looks like it's cleared up!"

I always have 1-3 "clear" (2-3 mild pimples) days right after my period... but I know in a few days it will be back to it's horrible state.

So today my metal state is alright, I haven't looked in the mirror today and hated myself and while I know the pimples will be back I also know that tomorrow I start the 'tane! Hoping it's my miracle cure :D

Crossing my fingers that nothing else happens that would make me postpone getting my prescription!

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I start my 4th month of 60mg/day Claravis March 10th!

The beginning of January I missed two weeks due to issues with insurance, that set me back a little, but catching up again now.

So far I am much clearer 80% of the month.

Still getting bad cystic acne around the week of my period, but not nearly as much as before. (Would get 3-5 cysts before, now only getting 2 and not nearly as big.)

Very dry skin most of the month also, still very oily the week of my period.

I've been experiencing hair thinning and loss, so far nothing that is really noticeable or that will cause me to stop taking Claravis.

My lips are shedding like a snake, pretty raw and sore.

Inside of my nose is dry also.

I honestly wish I had taken a photo log to show the difference! but my self esteem was so low, I didn't feel comfortable taking the photos.

Over all very happy with the results so far, can't wait to be totally clear!

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It's great to hear that you're doing well with Accutane!

You can put some vasline into your nose to hydrate it, works wonders for the lips as well

Good luck on finishing the course! :)

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