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cyst that continues to refill

Hi all! This is the very first time I have ever written on any type of forum, but at this point I feel like I need to. I am looking for some help here.

Okay, I have a cyst that formed on my cheek, near my nose, in August. It has decided to stick around even after the following treatment:

In september my spironolactone doasage was increased by 50 mg.

I've had three cortisone shots (one each month except for this month) with no luck. Each time the mass underneath my skin returns.

I've been prescribed doxycycline which I've taken 3 1/2 weeks now.

Two days ago, the PA at my dermatologist's office gave me benzaclin to use topically. Now my skin has broke out into a rash and it itches really bad. I should have known not to use the topical prescription...my skin is really sensitive. Anyways, I've asked to have it surgerically removed but my derm wants to wait.

I don't want this on my face any longer. My self esteem is shot. Do you guys have ideas or thoughts?

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I just came over one of those on my chin lol...I'm talking my whole face was clear and this HUGEEEE monster just moved in.....stubborn as shit but its died down after about 3 weeks....I didn't tamper with it at all..no shots just washed my face twice a day with a gentle soap like I always do and put DUAC on it at night. I feel if it heals natural with a little help from the bp, it heals for good. Maybe fucking with it too much (ex. Shots & antibiotics, etc.) Might keep it there longer. Just my input though from my own experience. Good luck to you.

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Thanks guys. I really appreciate the feedback. I see my dermatologist the end of this month to re-evaluate the status of my cyst. I'm hoping that he will finally decide that it is time to remove it because I really doubt that it is going to go away on its own at this point.

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