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finally spot free :D ... but left with old scars.. what worked for you?

Hi, haven't ever actually posted on this forum but have been a lurker for a few years - if you're wondering what cleared my skin up i'm not really sure myself tbh as I tried everything and nothing seemed to work until I moved away to uni and now it's cleared up, but i'm almost 19 so maybe I just got lucky and grew out of it (please let that be the case!)


So, BASICALLY my skin is finally spot free, but it still *looks* like I have spotty skin as i've got scars from the years gone by - you'd only know i'm actually spot free by feeling my skin.

Has anyone had any success in removing scars? Are there ways to fade them/ lessen their appearance (i'm not expecting complete removal) with over the counter creams or is the only way to just leave them and hope one day they'll fade?

Any help is appreciated - I don't really want to have to go and have something drastic like lazer therapy - if that's the only solution then I can live with the scars!

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I've had some success using vitamin E oil for brown marks, and emu oil for red marks.

There are a lot of other options, but I don't have any idea what works and what doesn't... I'm sure someone else will post in here with more knowledge :)

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For about two weeks I've been trying to clear up my red marks with Apple Cider Vinegar. I apply it to my face two times a day, take an Apple Cider Vinegar tablet 1-2 times a day, take vitamins, and drink plenty of water. I haven't seen that good of results, but several other members on this forum have, so I'd say give it a shot. It looks like my red marks are fading, but I'm going to have to start taking pictures everyday so I can really see if they are, as mirrors and lighting tend to play A LOT of tricks on you. :P

Another option is Aqua Glycolic, Chemical Peels, AHA, Emu Oil, and several different vitamins.

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