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AcneScript regimen trial

Hello everybody,

I am a male of 35 years old, I have an oily skin and suffer from mild acne vulgaris.

I have tried nearly every topical therapy on the market since the age of 13' : antibiotics, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxyde (allergic), AHA, isotretinoin (Differin, Tazorac), etc.

None of them made me 100 % clear. I have spent a lot of money on acne fighting products and since last year I have decided to stop this endless race.

I use Dan's products daily and highly recommend them. Unfortunately I became allergic to BP, so I only use the cleanser, the moisturizer (preferred the old one but that's another topic) and AHA+.

I discovered the AcneScript regimen on acne.org forums and ordered the sample regimen for Oily Skin + 24 Pure Curcumin. This looks like my last chance, so I hope it will work... :pray:

During this regimen, I will only use Dan's cleanser and moisturizer in the morning and before going to bed. I will not apply any acne topical treatment (even AHA+). This way, we have a fair test of the regimen.

I am on day 1 of the therapy and will edit this post regularly to report the progress.

Day 1 : few popped pustules (<5) + some inflammed papules (on the neck and on the border of my hair)

Day 2 : my skin is itching, no other evolution

Day 3 : my skin is still itching, 2 new pustules (nose and neck)

Day 4 : my skin is still itching, my face and my hands are dry and peeling a little bit (the "Oily Skin" formula seems to work, maybe too well)

Day 5 : my skin is still itching but less than in the past days, 2 new pustules (eyebrows & chin), my hands are no longer dry and peeling, my forehead is still peeling a little bit. The new pustules I got look like an initial breakout because I usually only get 2 to 3 new pustules max per week (the red marks/inflammation they create take months to resorb though).

Day 6 : my skin isn't itching anymore, no new pustule, inflammed papules are still there and the T-zone is peeling a little bit. I think Dan's new moisturizer is not moisturizing enough so from now on I will apply DUCRAY Ictyane H.D. cream.

Day 7 : my skin is beginning to look better, papules seem less inflammed, and no peeling anymore (thanks to Ictyane HD I think).

Day 8 : 1 new pustule but globally my skin is improving

Day 9 : pustule still there, my skin is still improving

Day 10 : no visual improvment

Day 11 : Gee! 8 new pustules today! :wall:

Day 12 : The yesterday's aliens seem to fade quickly, unfortunately it's also the end of the AcneScript box...

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I believe in the AcneScript long term potential even if I had some breakouts. Globally, my skin was less inflammed. So I have reordered 2 bottles of AcneScript regular, as the oily skin formula was a bit too overdrying even if I have an oily skin.

I would advise anybody suffering from Acne to give AcneScript a try!

Maybe you should order directly the full treatment and forget about the samples, as I think it may take longer than 12 days to really see encouraging results.

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