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I'm going to start posting up here in the hopes that I can find patterns and maybe get advice or encouragement.

A quick background- 27 years old. Had horrible acne from 15-21, mild cystic acne after that, no acne for a year, at 25 it came back mild to moderate.

Hurrayy acne! It's def not the bane of my existence. When my face is broken out, such as right now, all I want to do is go out and party.

On the real, this is depressing. I've had different girls calling me all week to hang out (another journal entirely); but the point is, I told them I was sick, or had a headache, so they wouldn't see me like this.

I just want to live my life and not constantly be worrying about the condition of my skin.

The date is 11/11/2010

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Neutrogena facial bar

Neutrogena On the Spot bp solution

Neutrogena clearing shaving cream

Neutrogena aftershave lotion

I was previously using a foam shaving cream, but after getting a few really bad ingrown hairs, i decided to switch products.

shaved with the new products yesterday, and it was the best shave i've had in a while.



Wash face

let dry

apply bp to entire face


wash face

led dry

apply bp to entire face

I shave every 2-3 days to reduce irritation.

The shaving procedure is something like this:

wash face

apply shaving cream

shave with the lightest and least strokes possible

apply aftershave

let dry

apply bp to entire face

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I'm not gonna post everything i ever eat, but here's a pretty typical day:


Wheaties with water (i stopped drinking milk after realizing it makes me break out)

Sometimes yogurt



turkey sandwich with expensive (hopefully fresh and non processed) deli meat, wheat bread, cheese


pbj w/ wheat bread


(most common meal)

brown rice

canned tuna

used to be canned vegetables, but i recently decided to start using fresh vegetables


fish oil 3g/day

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went about a month with clear skin using neutrogena products and the acne.org regimen (relatively)

The current state of my acne:

I have a giant cyst on the left side of my nose. It first appeared two weeks ago. It grew huge. I left it alone. the swelling and redness went down. I thought it was going away. One week passed. It re-energized itself and grew huger than ever before. Formed a white head. I popped it. It gushed and bled A LOT. I decided not to touch it anymore. I spent the entire week with a disaster on my face. Yesterday, I felt the top (which was kind of scab like) and it was covering up an empty hole. Interesting (gay). At least it was healing. I itched it today, and the top lifted up. Stupid me decides to peel it off. Back to square one?

Giant cyst on right side of nose. Appeared yesterday, but I felt the bump a few days prior. Applied differen. Quick side note: differen worked great for me for a month, but then it stopped working, so i stopped using it. Anyway, applying bp to the other cyst didn't seem to impact it; so, i'm experimenting with differen on it. It is growing.

Damn. the weekend is almost here.

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i will be posting pictures of my ugly ass (beautiful) face.



Close up--- brace yo self


Just took this now 11/11/2010


And here's one from before the cysts of destruction-- lovin life






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Sky's the limit and you know that you keep on

Just keep on pressin on

Sky's the limit and you know that you can have

What you want, be what you want


Alright, so the cyst on the right side of my face got BIGGER. left side remained about the same.

I had an EPIPHANY today. Here's what went down. (feel free to skip past this if my story bores you. i suppose it could be boring to anyone who is not me?? oh well.)

I was in the crawl space of some house the company i work for is remodeling. It was my duty to be down in this dark, dingy, musty space and drill a hole through the floor joist to the next side of the crawl space. I drill the hole. It doesn't seem right. There is light coming through. The other side of the crawl space has no light. FUCK.

I go upstairs to see what I actually drilled through. I drilled through the owner's NICE CABINET. oh shit.

Here's what goes through my mind. No one goes into this room for construction.... Should I tell anyone?? btw, my boss is an ex navy seal, true hard ass, scary as shit motherfucker.

Long story short, I can keep my mouth shut and play it off, or I can tell ex navy seal guy.

My balls grow harder.

I tell my boss: "I made a mistake.... blah blah drilled through nice cabinet"

He's not pissed. He says he knows a trick to fix it. No big deal.

It was really scary to tell him; but, it felt really good to man up and admit my mistake.

I got to thinking about the acne on my face. (as usual)

I was like, you know what? I have to man up and own this shit! My skin sucks. Oh well. It's mine. It's not perfect. In fact it is a goddamn mistake that I have these ridiculous cysts on my face. But my skin is mine, and I must own it.

*****THE LESSON********

We are who we are- acne or not. It does not define us. We are not a pimple. We are who we are. A PIMPLE DOES NOT DEFINE US. WE ARE NOT OUR PIMPLE. Of course our acne is an imperfection, but NO ONE is perfect. We are much more than the fucking skin condition we have.

Anyway, long rant over, I'm gonna go out and party like a fucking rock star tonight- despite having some nasty shit on my face. I will man up and own it. Yes, I do have some skin issues. No, it does not define who I am. If girls don't like it, I will find new ones. That's what I do for fun. fuck it. fuck acne. i'm out. PEACE.

If the game shakes me or breaks me I hope it makes me a better man.- The Notorious BIG

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cysts going down.

i only used differin on the right cyst for one day. it seemed to aggravate it. i also read that it wouldn't help. so, discontinued use.

someone on here posted that she uses alchohol to get them to come to a head. i used isopropyl alcohol wipes, the kind for disinfecting cuts. i would just hold it on there for a few minutes. it took a couple days of this; but, it worked and brought the cyst to a head. i believe this cut 1/2 to 1 whole week off the recovery time. bonus is the alcohol kind of burns, so you feel like you're killing off the cyst.

once it came to a head, i popped it.

then, i switched from alcohol wipes to neosporin. this helped a lot.

this seems to be a decent procedure when you can't afford $108/shot + $120 office visit for cortizone. (which i've done in the past with excellent results... just too much right now)

had one new zit pop up right on my hairline. i'm not too worried about it. after this battle with the cysts, a regular zit doesn't really phase me. plus it's not right in the middle of my face!


after much thought, i'm pretty sure it was stress that caused these cysts.

fingers crossed for no new ones....


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So, how's ur skin lately? is it better??? Don't give up on ur log cuz there are ppl reading it! It's just that we dont really comment.

Good luck! :)

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