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Hey guys,

I've been battling acne for about 3 years now and coming to this site regularly like most of you in desperate attempts to finally find the answer, the cure, the right combination of medicine and lifestyle to beat acne.

I have been using Duac religiously for almost 3 years, and it has never gotten me clear. While it has kept inflammation down, I have still continuously had acne. In the summertime I usually get pretty clear, but never perfect.

About 5 days ago I decided to stop using Duac. It has an antibiotic that leads to resistant bacteria, it is irritating, it is expensive, it bleaches clothes, and after 3 years, I've had enough. I know that stopping is probably going to be really hard since I expect my skin to go crazy as soon as it realizes there are no more antibiotics, but I'm 21 and I don't want to continue putting this harsh chemical on my face every night. Instead I will simply wash with a gentle exfoliating cleanser (LHA cleansing gel), moisturize, eat healthy, exercise, and drink a lot of water.

Day 5:

Not bad. Slightly worse than before I stopped, but some of the new pimples might have been developing for quite some time. Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks and I'll be going home to see all my friends. I'm terrified of how my skin will look. Whenever I break out I try to stay in. I get really self-conscious, especially since before I went to college my skin was always clear. On the other hand, if this ends up working, I will be on top of the world.

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