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I have had acne since I was 13 years old, I'm now 21(female). I've been on pretty much every antibiotic out there for varying time periods and with varying degrees of success. Low scale medications did nothing for me, even when I was young. Minocycline, tetracycline, doxycycline..Nothing. I experienced great results with septra/sulfa, but this is a pretty heavy antibiotic and it's really not safe to be on it long term, which I kind of have been. While taking it, I become clear but after going off it I invariably break out again. I have had no more than several periods of 6-1 year of being almost totally clear. I have been on accutane(for three months) which gave me great results for about a year and a half, but I recently broke out again, quite badly. I am now seeing an alternative medicine doctor because obviously my skin is not responding to antibiotics very well. She has diagnosed me with possible candida /food/metal allergies. I'm supposed to get blood testing done soon and allergy testing to determine if this is the case. It makes sense to me because Accutane is so strong and I can't figure out why, when I'm about to turn 21 and my emotions and hormones and pretty dang stabilized, and after taking Accutane which cures most people of acne, I still break out and at times so bad. It seems like I must be having some kind of toxic thing I'm putting into my body. I display many symptons and correlate with candida, but I still have to find out for sure. I'm just wondering, I guess, if anyone here has recently thought about this as the cause for theirs? Or if anyone has been treated for this recently and what are your results/thoughts on it? Also, I forgot to mention, I have been on antibiotics for my whole life. Which is definitely the cause for this disease.

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