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I know many of us have had previous problems with Accutane, and I'm curious as to whether anyone has any thoughts on this.

The post-accutane redness that goes along with Accutane is supposedly mainly inflammation from the blood vessels. Dry skin, in itself, does not cause continuous redness of the skin (or so I would think). But recently, as my Accutane has worn off more and more (two years later), the oiliness of my skin has increased greatly. I can now feel the oiliness in my skin. But, at the same time, my redness has lightened much more in the last two weeks than in the last two years. I believe that this is so because the natural oil production has increased, and in turn, decreased the inflammation in my blood vessels. I'm not even sure how that is logical, but that's my gut feeling.

Unfortunately, this same oiliness that is decreasing my redness (that I've been working so hard the last two years to get rid of (the redness)), is increasing my acne. So it's an endless circle.

I'm just wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience or any thoughts. Or, if anyone has any thoughts on whether an oily moisturizer would work better than a traditional one while on Accutane? Ex. Olive Oil

Disclaimer about nothing relevant: C'est. Thanks for being an awesome moderator. :clap:

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