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Cyst slowly dying...? Hurry up!

I am pretty happy with my skin this year and I normally don't get Cysts but I ended up getting one a little over a week ago around the time of my period.

I killed it with my Skin iD regimen before Bye Bye Blemish at night (I think it helped..), a warm compress, and neosporin. I couldn't resist touching it a little but I never put a pin to it. It stopped hurting and seemed to not look AS obvious but was still red. For the past two days (twice a day) I have been using Azelaic acid from my dermatologist.

Right now, it still feels like a little something is under the skin. It's a bit raised, not at all like before, but still is very visible. It's a dark/red mark on my face and in some light it looks shiny. If I put powder on it it just looks caked.

It's really making me feel bad about myself and I am wondering if there is anything I can do to make this thing go away? Am I being too impatient, will it in the next few days? Or will it forever sit there because I never got the "core" of it out? Help, please!

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Its hard to say how long it will take to go away, but a cyst can definitely take longer than a week to heal. Sometimes the core of the cyst will slowly get reabsorbed by the body and gradually shrink down during the healing process. Other times, the core may not go away on its own. In those cases a cortisone shot (and possible extraction) by a qualified derm can be really helpful.

In the meantime, don't poke it with anymore sharp objects and don't squeeze! Here is a link with tips on how to best treat a cyst or inflamed pimple:


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Ugh I feel you on this one! Currently I have a lingering albeit small cyst on my chin. My derm told me to use a heating pad on it for 15 - 20 minutes because heat kills bacteria. I've been doing this plus putting every sort of zit zapper i have on it and its still just chillin on my chin. I did however pop it (I couldn't resist!) and now its more like a crater... cause it was pretty deep and the sides are still sort of popped up. Blalkdlsafhf.

I would try heat on it though if I were you, best of luck! :)

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