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Seborrheic dermatitis

I've had seb.derm. for about 20 years, not as bad as some, but bad enough to recall those days I didn't want to leave the house. The coal-tar, selsun blue, head-shoulders, none of that worked on my scalp for years. When it got to my face, that really got my attention -- like my eyebrows had dandruff, and the creases of my nose and behind my ears and IN my ears, red patches on my face, etc etc.

Doc started me on Nizoral cream (face) and shampoo and I used it for more than 10 years, but it seemed like it stopped working. When I didn't have health insurance, I participated in several clinical trials to test other forms of applying it (like foam on the scalp - duh!) just to get it free.

Discovered OTC salycilic acid, and that works, but didn't really want to put that on my face.

So I looked up that keto-watchamacallit (Nizoral) and found it was "anti-fungal," then I looked up other things that are antifungal and found what many people here already mentioned -- apple cider vinegar, and tea tree oil. I put ACV on my scalp like a rinse before washing my hair, and let it sit for a few. Works pretty good, and I like that it's natural. The tea tree shampoos don't work all that well, except for Nature's Gate.

On my face, I use Aveeno hydrocortisone 1%, which also has aloe vera and other nice stuff for the face. At first, I used it daily, then after a few years, when skipping it, found that the seb.derm. didn't come right back, so I went longer and longer without it. Now I have to apply it only rarely to my face, though daily to my ears.

Don't know why the face stuff settled down -- maybe because I started avoiding the bad shampoos and soaps with the sterols in them or whatever that is. Just organic stuff. Still need the ACV on scalp though, or scaling/itching comes back pretty fast.

I was so happy to replace $20 / mo in Nizoral co-pays for natural/OTC remedies that cost pennies, I told my doctor she should tell her other patients about this and she just looked puzzled: "But your insurance covers the medication." Yeah, but I don't want to USE that stuff! and anyway it stopped working! I'm ticked off at all the docs I saw in two states over 15 years who never once said anything about ACV. Don't they teach real remedies in med school or just stuff that puts money in PhRMA pockets?

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