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Is this the right way to deal with cysts

I get cysts now and then, and they're lodge deep into my skin (so i basically just see a bump on my face with no redness or anything, and no chance of poping it without scraping my skin).

Now a day I just leave it, let it run it's cycle, and when it gets really big i just squeeze it and it pop out like crazy, and it died down (I'm guessing all the stuff underneath got poped out).

Not sure if it'll leave a scar or not.. but currently that's the best way I can deal with it, I can apply BP or w/e to subside it, but it'll just stay there forever (and the bump)... so I might as well let it run it's cycle and remove it by force.

what can you do with a cysts? those things are nasty.

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depending on the cyst and where it's located determines how i deal with it most of the time. i don't do any of that hot compress crap cause quite frankly it doesn't work even a little bit, if anything it pisses off the cyst and that's why i think it comes to a head (getting worse). most of the time though i just let the cyst be cause i can tell by the feel of it (hard, flat, painful) that there is nothing in there that i can remove by myself. If the cyst is really bloated, red, painful then most likely i'll get some alcohol, my trusty set of exacto knives and get prepped for "surgery". then i cut that sucker open and drain all the blood, pus, and whatever out.

if you do it properly and disinfect every before and after, and get all you can out of the cyst (which will be a lot) then from there on treat it as a cut (i use hydrogen peroxide and a bandaid afterwards). and yes, this does leave to scaring, but the cyst is gone, and if you did it properly then the scar will fade much faster then just letting the cyst stay there (and it won't hurt anymore).

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