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Thought I Was Getting CO2 Laser, But It Was Fractional, Don't Even Feel It Was An Aggressive Resurfacing :(

How I wish the internet was around when I was in my teens/20s! I suffered from mild/moderate acne, oily T-zone, badly-textured skin, cystic outbreaks, whiteheads, blackheads, and my skin never seemed clear until I got to my mid 30s. I tried everything, every zit cream on the market, antibiotic ointments, Hydrogen Peroxide (years later I read that it's aging for the skin, great).

I've been careful about using sunscreen most of my adult life so that might have gone some way to making me look OK for my years (I'm 39 now). The badly textured skin that haunts me..I wanted it gone now my acne isn't an issue, so looked into CO2 laser.

My pocket can't stretch to procedures in my country so I went with CO2, rhinoplasty and chin reduction in the Czech Republic. I thought I'd paid everything upfront, but apparently the surgeon miscalcluated and thought he was only lasering around my cast/plasters/chin (that would've looked stupid), so I waited a week after chin and nose surgery and coughed up an extra £600 for a full face laser. Bringing the total for sedation/laser/aftercare to £1000.

Even the documentation sent online described a fully Ablative CO2, talking about downtime for 10 days and wonderful results. The price list had CO2 laser, full face with the amount I paid. However, a week before, one email said something about "Fractional" laser, and I had no idea it was any different.

Cut to a week after my chin/nose surgery (which turned out great). I was told I'd need sedation as the CO2 laser is very painful and there'd be around 5 days downtime. The procedure would take 30 minutes. I thought this sounded a bit fast but went along with it.

This is me 8 hours after the CO2 (which turned out to be Fractional):

yfrog.com/750311108pmcroppedj ..I got sedation for that?

48 hours later: img709.imageshack.us/img709/6086/1312crop.jpg

I'm back home now (7 days post-CO2) and my skin was normal within 3 days. The surgeon gave me Vaseline, anti-inflammatory, painkillers, antibiotics to help me to heal, but, there isn't anything to heal!

In the past I've done a 1.5mm Dermaroller with EMLA cream and I'd say I looked worse than after the CO2 Fractional! Then I get home and read the going rate per Fractional is around £300, and it takes a few procedures to see results.

I'm really, really depressed and don't know what to do. The representative emailed back and said it was a system called Tre-Ampuls (which I can't find on the internet at all). And that it is more effective after 3 procedures. That's fine, but why wasn't I told upfront about the differences between the two? Why was I sent documentation implying it was a full CO2? I don't feel the peel was aggressive enough to justify the anaesthetic..or the money, for that matter.

Any advice would be appreciated. I was so upset afterwards and I'm getting gloomier thinking that I'm stuck with this skin for another year or so, and I've just wasted £1000 into the bargain.

PS: I'm having problems with the links, which is why they aren't showing properly; probably because I'm new. :(:cry:

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Copying my post from EDS forum: This is a picture which probably shows what sort of treatment I got: homea.cz/filip/2009/090406_CO2_fractional_laser/s/CO2-CO2_fractional_laser-20090406_114210-CO2_fractional_laser-o_detail_nos-s.jpg

I got another reply, though it didn't address my questions. "so the name of the device is MultiXel TL, CO2 fractional laser. This is the most powerful derma-surgical ultra-puls laser with digital scanner. MultiXel is a scanning type fractional ultra-pulse CO2 laser, in which the surgeon can control freely Scan Area, Density Level and Beam Degree..This is the strongest laser we have at the clinic, other lasers are V-beam, Aesthera, Accent..Hope those information are suficcient."

I'm totally confused. I was thinking I was getting the "old" CO2. I've asked on numerous forums whether the amount I paid was excessive, whether the treatment should have been more aggressive, and what I should expect post-treatment but nobody seems to know. From that reply I assume they're not interested in pursuing my questions any further :(

All I can find is this: translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fi&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dermis.fi%2Fverkkokauppa%2Findex.php%3Fmain_page%3Dproduct_info%26cPath%3D84_86%26products_id%3D350%26zenid%3Dfbde5ea088e3e5994a3592b9f80563ff

Has anyone heard of MultXel, and knows what to expect, what sort of price for treatment?

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