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nutrition and acne???

hi guys!!!

how are you all? how can nutrition help in treating acne?

waiting for replies...

thanks :)

Read my anti inflammatory diet thread! :)

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In hundreds of ways such as improving hormone balance, reducing inflammation, improving various functions that help with hormones....

More info on the many ways diet and lifestyle habits affect acne and what to do about them:


You'll also find links to clinical studies, members who've cleared their skin via diet and lifestyle habits and doctors admitting the diet and acne connection.

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hey alternativista, in ur regimen, i saw a "blood sugar stabilizing diet and supplements". Care to share what's is about? I've started taking a centrum multivit, hoping that would help?


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follow his link, in his first post under the links to the other subjects you'll find things about blood sugar stabilizing.

I would look into these things first in his link:

Blood sugar diet (low GI , paleo or how you want to call it.) Its basically eliminating everything processed.


allergies/food intolerances (causes inflammation)

sleep light


But don't start supplementing everything you find in the posts. Just start with a good non processed diet. (also no bread and dairy). And start reading topics in this forum. Theres enough information on all these things.

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