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After perusing YouTube for something completely different than skin care, I came across this tutorial for Moor Mud. I guess that the regime is to apply the Mud daily, mist water upon it to keep it moist, and then rinse. There are pictures on the website of people with acne that has been really cleared up with this stuff. I searched the boards, and so far no word of Moor Mud.

Has anyone tried this stuff?

I think that I am going to try it, seeing as they have a 60-day money back guarantee. The website promises significant improvement in 21 days. It's a bit pricey, but I think I will save my pennies to give it a go. Now, I just need to get enough money into my account... :)

Here's the site :


let me know what your first impressions are of the product, if from your view it is a scam or something worth trying.


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Hard to say, right off the bat their site isn't very pleasing but that doesn't really mean anything.

I wouldnt be the first to pick it up, have never heard a thing about it and a google search doesnt really bring much up, but that doesnt mean it doesnt work. Its no secret that mud is good for your skin so who knows.

Like you said theres a money back guarantee on it, so if your going to do it and it doesnt work then no harm done, but if you do it make sure to post back your results on it whether it be good or bad.

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