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Guest steelerfan05

Post Accutane doubts

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Guest pittbc7

Hey everyone this is my first post here. I was on accutane from february to august of 2002 and my skin looked alot better. I have scarring on both sides of my temple and a scar on each cheek. Lately i have been noticing white heads with great regularity. Although they are small it still worries me some. I have also been getting the red pimples more often too, they are fairly flat but still bother me. It has been about 2 years now that I have been off accutane and i guess im just being my harshest critic. My parents say my skin looks alot better and i believe it does but i guess i just want to have clear skin with no blemishes. I guess i just get really apprehenisve about it because it was really painful when i had bad bad skin and I dont want to relive that again. I still do not have much confidence in myself and am always scared im gooing to get a bad break out again. it sucks I was at a derm back in january and she said my skin was doing ok and gave me cetaphil and some face wash but im still getting this break outs. I am just wondering if anyone else is expereicning the same types of symptoms after being off Accutane for a long period of time and am curious if its a sign of the acne coming back. I was also wondering if anyone knows where i could buy emu oil. thanks.

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i hate to say it, but it sounds like your acne is starting to come back. mine started breaking out just like yours 4 months after accutane. i definitely think you should go to your dermatologist and get on some topicals or antibiotics before things progress. i'm currently doing minocycline and tazorac. its actually working very well, better than anything else ever worked for me before accutane. on the plus side, acne is usually more manageable and treatable with topicals and antibiotics after accutane. i think your derm would probably know best. and if your skin doesn't respond to topicals and antibiotics now, than you may be a candidate for a second round of accutane. also, try not to be so down on yourself about your skin. i feel the same way you do all the time. but, you also need to realize that only a handful of people in this world go through life pimple free. and, my grandma bought emu oil at the vitamin store once, you could look there. good luck!

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I have been off of accutane for over 6 months without any breakouts on my face, although I have continued to have mild breakouts on my body. I think that most people's acne will never come back as severely after a course of accutane - you may get occasional breakouts but they will most likely be much more minor than they were before, so try not to get too worried yet. (Worrying will also make you more stressed, which could contribute to more acne so it's a vicious circle!)

You can buy emu oil from Skin biology, although I get mine more cheaply from Ebay - just do a search and you should be able to find some 100% pure emu oil (which is what you want.)

There is more info about emu oil and where to purchase it in the scar forum - here's the link to a good thread - (edited by me so it must be good! wink.gif )http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=14887

Hope this is useful.

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