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Persistent Acne? Try Anti-Inflammatory Diet!

I am 26 years old and I have battled acne off and on for years. Recently, though, my acne was coming back with a vengence. I had persistant acne (deep, painful cysts) on my chin and nothing seemed to help. 5 years ago I was prescribed a sulfur wash and tretinion cream. It definitely helped.

However, I no longer have health insurance and I have relented to buying drugstore facial washes that are only minimally successful.

I have suspected my diet for a while now but I couldn't put my finger on what it was. I kept a diary log since late July on every meal I ate. Even after months of writing it down, I still couldn't find the culprit. Frustrated and annoyed, I really felt all hope was lost.

Finally, about 2 weeks ago, I found a video on youtube discussing hormonal acne. The woman discussed a low glycemic diet and that has helped people with acne. Hmm! I thought. I never heard of it.

So, I googled it and I was a little overwhelmed by what foods I couldnt eat. However, I found that the foods that I were eating were very high glycemic...puffed rice and wheat, whole wheat, sugar, rice, and palm oil.

I decided to give it a shot. If anything, it would force me to eat more healthy. For my produce, I try to buy organic. I ate more salads, fruits, lean meats and cut out all dairy, grains, breads, rice.

Here is the chart I go by:

I buy foods with a + next to them. I recently bought grassfed beef and it is amazing!! Very healthy for you!

Here is what I eat on a daily/weekly basis:

-raspberries, blackberries, apples, larabars, lemons, fresh OJ

--black beans, tuna, chicken, grassfed beef, organic eggs

--spinach, romaine lettuce, red pepper, onion, brocolli, green beans, yams, tomato,green onion, spices, wheat free bread, flaxseed

-green tea, water, multivitamin, olive oil


Other than having a pimple because I ate too much wheat bread, my face is clearing up! This week has been one of the first weeks without new pimples in months. :dance:

Here are the pro's and con's of this diet:


-Healthier for you

-Overall clear complexion and helps with depression/anxiety

-If not organic, a very inexpensive diet

-Strengthens immune system, helps fight cancers and diseases


-Can be time consuming to create meals

-If organic, can be pricey

-Not ideal diet for those who do not want to lose weight

Here are some low Anti-inflammatory foods:

If anyone tries this diet, let me know how it goes! I will keep you updated on my progress.

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