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Elena C.

So grossed out by my blackheads and pores!

Hi everyone! I could use some help here. :( I've dealt with mild acne (cystic, typically) and an awfully oily T-zone my entire life. It leaves my cheeks rather OK but gosh, my nose area/forehead is a clogged and holey mess. HELP! Is there anything I can do? I get so grossed out by it that I turn down overnight stays because I get so self-conscious that the guy I like will see me without makeup covering all of that. :/

What I've used before:

- Biore Pore strips

- Various Clean&Clear, Clearasil, Neutrogena washes with salicylic acid or bp, but I've stopped using bp

What I'm using now:

- Acnomel Sulfur for spot treatment

- Cetaphil

- Tretinoin 0.05% at night

- Origin's Microderm. scrub

- Origin's Out of Trouble mask

Is there anything else I can do, anything I shouldn't do, or anything I should stop doing? Help! I'm so self-conscious about this; it drives me insane every time I see myself! :( You can even see all the pits of oil in the photo, ahhh!!!post-140683-1289377052_thumb.jpg


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I have the same problem in the same areas too. I hate it especially when someone is really up close to me, i get so self-conscious. I noticed it got really bad when i started to use biore pore nose strips, They work great but left me with huge pores ): that wont go away

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Those are just pores/sebaceous filaments (I think), and they don't seem large to me at all!! I understand you're self conscious about them but I honestly don't think your skin looks bad at allllll.

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Guest Timehealsall

did you get these pores because you picked at your blackheads?

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Oh wow! That looks like my skin! I used to have bad acne until I took Accutane and now my only problem is these large pores on my nose and cheeks. I have a few that are really big and they fill up with gross stuff every few days.

As far as being self conscious about your large pores, dont be. 1) at least you dont have bad acne. 2) Nobody really notices these things except freaks like us. 3) Do you really want to be friends/date someone who cares about the size of your pores?

Imperfection = Beauty

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