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panoxyl aquagel 2.5 bp

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im using panoxyl aquagel 2.5 bp as my bp gel and i'm wondering if i should use it (as in use a lot) just like dan's gel and the neutrogena(sp) one. cuz the stuff isn't white it's clear gel.


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pretty much apply it like Dan's BP gel. that's what i did... but now i use the BP gel. it's so much nicer.

--- a little story ---

i started off using PanOxyl 2.5. the first couple weeks saw a large improvement, but also severe discomfort. it's not the most pleasent thing to pile on your face.

once i was using almost a full finger of the gel, i seemed only a certain amount of it was being absorbed into the skin, as if there was a limit to how much could be used. that is only my theory, but it felt like i was washing a lot off during my evening routine.

i was also left with stubborn patches of dry skin that wouldn't go, even after days of not applying BP to the area and moisturising frequently.

then i ordered a tube of Dan's BP gel. compared to the lumpy, grainy consistency of PanOxyl that was hard work to apply, this went on like water. and my dry patches cleared within 24hr - even with applying the BP gel over them. this makes it sound like some kind of miracle cream, which i have come to think of it being - especially compared to PanOxyl.

now i don't dread putting BP on. i find it very therapeutic in fact!

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umm actually i got another question. When u used a full finger of the gel, was that for all your face or just for parts of your face. Like did you use a full finger of the gel for your whole face including forehead, cheecks, face etc. OR did u just apply it onto your face different parts at a time. Like about a quarter of a fingers length for your forehead, cheek, face...etc


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yup, i'm using a full finger now for my whole face. i break it down like this:

i apply one third of a finger to my left cheek and chin;

the second to my right cheek and above my top lip;

and the rest (which is actually slightly less, because it's the tip of the finger) i use on my forehead.

i'm in my 5th week and my only problems are red marks, and annoying but short-lived whiteheads on my chin (although there's one on my forehead now. grr.)

the rate of improvement has slowed down now, but i know it's working.

good luck with it! i'm off to apply mine now.


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