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I have noticed that a lot of the time when i get a large pimple or group of pimples on my face i end up with at least one in pretty much the exact same spot on the other side of my face. i have no idea why this is happening. is it just a coincidence? has anyone else noticed this? what do i do?

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i noticed the same thing but it would be more like i get a line of pimples on my left side and will get about the same on the other ! all i would do is once i get a breakout on one side put some bp around the smae part of my face for the next few days and i would help with the new upcoming pimples .. coincidence ?

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Noticed the same thing. I get large pustules under my jawline, both sides, deep zits on my upper cheeks, both sides, and most WIERDLY......On the EXACT same spots above my eyebrows on either side of my forehead....

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Guest fugleee_dumbBUNNY

yah me too ppl! so symetrical!

ive found some pics on net before about supposedly acne place meanings, well idk but check em if u want:

face reading-acne


1705c_face_front.jpg y the fck img code doesnt work?? suuucks!


basiclee its like there is somekind of system where acne is trying to tell us something about certain organs with apppearing on certain spots, but im just answering to it back with..


*according to this shit i have screved eevrything inside, but whooo cares? why screw face the most important along? rotting body is just sooooo duumb!!! :doh:

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