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Considering Dermarolling

So I am strongly considering dermarolling and there is a plethora of information out there on it so I figured I would just ask some questions to people here to help guide my research. I will be ecstatic to get input from people who have done this or are thinking about doing it.

I will be using it to treat acne scars, fine lines, reduced skin elasticity/sagging skin. It seems better first choice than does laser resurfacing. I will likely not start it for a few months and plan to get a few more 70% glycolic peels in before i start rolling to clean my skin up as much as i can .. i figure the healthier the skin is going into it, the better my results will be. I am a 25 year old male and currently use Tretinoin 0.05%, emu oil, and cetaphil moisturizer.

So my questions...

1. What topicals should i use? - I do not want to use copper peptides because i have heard too many bad stories about them. They scare me and I don't trust them .. so lets leave those out haha.

2. What needle length? - I am thinking of starting with like 0.5 and gradually inceasing as tolerated. I would max out at probably 2 mm .. i think .. not sure. My scars are not too deep anymore and honostly i think the fine lines and things bother me more than the scars at this point bc they make me look so fucking old lol.

3. Can i needle over top of closed comedones or will this cause me problems? - I dont have a TON of them, but certainly enough that it is concerning. I have some bumpiness and irregular skin texture that is partly due to comedones. Something inside me thinks that rolling over them could prove to be a poor decision.

Any advice would be awesome. I will of course keep everyone updated while i do this, though i likely will not start for a few more months like i said.

Is anyone else currently considering dermarolling thats wants to talk to me about it. I would feel better if i weren't doing all the research and making these decisions myself lol. I have looked for clinics in my area that offer it and have not found any as of this time so I am basically going to be going it alone on this one.

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