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Only one side of face breaks out...

For the past 8 months or so...my right jawline and cheek have been getting bumpy and breaking out....but my left side doesn't...it's perfectly clear. Has anyone else had this problem? I have no idea why it's happening...any insights?

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my only thought, and o course I am no expert, could be the hair products you use or the detergent you use for your pillow cases. The ingredients in these might be irritating your skin, when you sleep.

Do you find that the side that you break out on is the side you sleep on?

If so, I would change things up a bit. I just got some all-natural laundry detergent, and I love it. I still have mild acne, but I haven't got the huge buggers like I used to. I just feel like the natural stuff has a better smell, and I am just drawn to it. But I usually prefer the all natural stuff, so thats me.

I have been getting weird acne on my jaw, and my neck, too! I think that its from the Moroccan oil that I use on the ends of my hair. It's soo hard to stop using it, because i makes my hair look fabulous! It is a thick, sticky, product with a strong smell so I am sure that it is doing something to my skin. I am hoping to invest in an Ojon hair-smoother serum because it has worked wonderfully in the past, when I was more clear.

just some ideas :)

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Happened to me...now after 1 year of only 1 cheek(left) now I got more on my right as well....disgusted... try a white Egg mask. it's helpful.

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Guest beccaboo00

the same exact thing is happening to me. my right side has 4 pimples and 4 scars where as my left side has nothing but nearly invisible scars.

i dont know why either. its annoying.

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