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I need opinions

Ok I am a 25 year old female. I never ever had pimples until I started college. With the combination of eating late, not sleeping right and drinking, my face freaked out. Now, I still struggle everryday with my acne. I started on Yaz for about 3 years thijking it would clear up my skin. Well it hasn't. I currently switched to Seasonique and its making my skin even worse. Its so hard to deal with. I recently accepted a job as a restaurant manager and frankly I am embarrassed to approach my guests. I hate lookinjg at my bare skin in the mirror and I hate not wearing makeup around my boyfrien. I need advice on new birth controls. My doctor isn't very helpful. Thanks :)

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These are the two BEST sites I have ever found regarding birth control and acne. The use of these sites and talking with my doctor actually led me to find the birth control I'm currently using. Good luck!

p.s. Every birth control works differently for each individual, so it may take a few different pills to find the one thats best for you.



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The only one i've ever used is Dianette and it does work for me, but takes a lot of patience and persistence! You may need to try a few to find something that works for you, but you need to give each one enough time to take effect. Up to 6 months i'd think.

Good luck :)

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