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Dermal Grafting

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Dear readers,

How come know one has spoken much about dermal grafting? I've only read about a few instances on this site, but the procedure sounds very promising.

Why not? I would like to get this done, but there's not much to read about from the breadth of user experiences.

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Kind of. Let me quote a past reader, whose experience I've provided in the link below:

"Dermal grafting involves first 'needling' the scarred area at the deep dermis level. Collagen is then harvested from behind the ear. Each scarred site is then injected with the harvested collagen. The newly injected sites are then sutured up, and the ear is stiched up. "

Doesn't it sound great!!?? I'm just so shy to actually go out to places to get treatment done....sighs

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I'll be having a consultation soon regarding subcision, punch elevation and punch excision. Ive already had about 10 consults with different derms, docs, plastic surgeons. This one is with a cosmedic surgeon.

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dermal grafting is generally more for burn victims is what the consensus is...

It is interesting.,.. but I think for most dermatologists or surgeons it is a challenge for acne scars because it is very difficult to make the skin blend in and a lot of times the new skin can even be rejected...

It is no easy thing to accomplish. Do some in-depth research on the web about it.

I think it is possible with someone who is extremely skilled.

Ultimately you would need a dermal graft, adn then probably a laser or dermabrasion of surrounding area to make it blend once the skin is accepted.

But then again this is all a huge challenge and should only be done with the utmost care in the best and most careful of hands. JMHO

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I've had rounds of dermal grafts. As noted, it involves harvested skin from behind ear, removing the epidermis and then implanting a small chunk under depressed scar through a small slit, which is then covered by a steristrip. There is no injection or sutures for this type of graft. And, no, this is not the type of grafting used in burn victims. It is similar to Silicone micros droplet, except the latter is probably more accurate in the right hands. While it does help to fill depressed scars, a cyst has eventually formed in virtually every site for me. This is a known risk factor if even a single epdidermal cell is implanted into dermis, and I seem especially prone to it. If you find a Dr who does SMD, I would go that route. Hope thsi helps.

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well silicone microdroplets have their own risks as well....

People need to understand the permanent nature of the procedure before proceeding forward.

Also, it is near impossible to ever remove silicone microdroplets if something goes wrong.

Out of curiosity have the dermal grafts helped you? I think what you are referring to is not a true dermal graft, but may still qualify.

How did you combat the cysts you developed?

Have you gotten anything else done?

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Dermal grafts is often used to describe skin grafting as well as various types of dermal grafts. Your use of dermal graft is associated with replacing patches of skin including epidermis, dermis and subdermal layers. The precise definition used by Docs for dermal grafts is to implant harvested dermis into the dermal layer for augmentation. It's semantics, but when someone on this board refers to dermal grafts, they are referring to the type I describe.

I thought the grafts resulted in over correction, producing large round lumps, but the Doc determined they were cysts and lanced them. Sometimes the problem would start 2 years after implantation! Odd. And, he said only 10% of grafts get cysts, but I'm probably 85%. Some return, but they are now gone, hopefully for good, I have two large scars from incisions, that have been filled several times each with dermal grafts. This has worked better than any other technique I've tried. It is essentially just a filler using your own dermis. I've had restylane which worked much more precisely with no complications, but is temporary and expensive.

Like I said, if there was a SMD expert in my vicinity, I would definitely go that route, based on my experience with gfats

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what is 'lancing' of the cysts?

Did everyhing work out after they were lanced?

How is your overall result now?

SMD is permanent... and unremovable... what you got is way more natural... so I think you went the right route... and you say you got great improvement!

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Cuts skin down into cyst and then squeezes the cottage cheese material out. Once this incision is done, I have found that they either don't return or I am able to make a subsequent squeeze and they don't return. But it is very frustrating to have them return and sometimes be infected. As I understand it, if there is a single epithelial cell left in the dermis, then the cyst can reformn, so I have wondered whether the graft is partly removed in this process.

Ok result, but far form perfect and with complications in my case. If I lived near an SMD exert, I would go that route, given my very mixed results.

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please do research on SMD and don't just jump into it... go to realself.com and do some real research on the web.

It is PERMANENT and damn near impossible to remove.

Complications with SMD may be worse than complications with any other acne scar repair...

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I had dermal grafting with skin taken behind the ear. The grafted area was actually successful but I develped a hematoma which caused abnormal formation of collagen production. The Dr after several surgery attempts cut deeply into my skin to remove the collagen. I was left with loss of volume and purple incision lines. I then had another procedure which has corrected it 30-40%. Unfortunately this has cost me a lot of time, money and my happiness. I am still suffering. I still don't know why I developed a hematoma. The reality is if you suffer from acne or acne scarring then your immune system does not function normally and if you have an operation then you may get complications.

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