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Facial Jaw-Line Rash

Okay, so, I have recently gone to the dermatologist (well, about 2 months ago). They prescribed me Duac in the evening and Differin 0.3% in the morning. The Duac seemingly made it worse, so they told me to use Differin (with Cytaphil cleanser) at night and my ProActiv (Extra Strength) 3 step process in the morning.

Due to the bad effects of Duac, they put me on Doxycline Hyclate - taken twice a day, which will last me about a month.

Keep in mind that my acne wasn't even that bad until I went to the dermatologist - I would get those under the skin pimples every once in a while (around 3 per month) that would really take a toll on my confidence.

My question for the moment though is a out of the blue rash that will come on my jawline. This started probably a few weeks into my new regimen and will go away and then literally appear over night. It's really strange. The rash is red and a little bit scabby, but for the most part pretty flat.

Here is a picture: IMG00204-20101108-1810.jpg Or, in the attached files section.

If anyone has any ideas to what the cause of this could be or how to get rid of it, I would be so very appreciative! Thank you!



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