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My RECIPE for Clear Skin

Hey all, here is an email I sent to a friend that advised me he is starting to use accutane...maybe this straight up practical advice will help you out...

Hey bro,

Just wanted to let you know what worked for me in clearing up my skin.

Obviously you probably wont want to do any of this stuff until after your whole accutane regimen is done, which takes months I hear... I personally never used accutane, but I hear it works pretty well for the majority of people.

First of all let me start by saying that I never "cured" my acne, merely discovered a recipe to prevent it. For first of all I had to accept that my acne could not be cured, only prevented. Below you will find a list of all the things that keep my skin clear. It may seem overwhelming at first but it becomes second nature pretty quickly..

1. Before bed and every morning after waking up I wash my face with a wash cloth. The wash cloth is soaked in hot water and then wringed out. I do this to melt away all the excess oil from my skin and any white heads etc...

(I used to always squeeze white heads which only left a red mark and spread infection, but now I always MELT away the white heads with a hot wash cloth, this is key to good skin care..MELT that shit away rather than squeeze and touch your face spreading infection)..Note: You can use the wash cloth routine more than twice a day if you want, it just depends on your oil levels on skin..i.e. if you were sweating heavily during sports then yeah you want to get rid of that excess oil afterwards... Make sure to get new wash cloths too, you can buy a 12 pack from Target for around $3 bux.

2. Get some Sun. Vitamin D is very important for healthy skin. Scientists warn of too much sun, but what they forget to tell you is that too little sun is even worse. Sun has magical powers that scientists simply do not understand, I mean it gives life to the whole freakin planet to start with! Important: Obviously in winter it's hard to get healthy levels of sun especially since we are all inside everyday, so use a tanning bed once a week. It's like $3 bux per 20 minute session. Every local gym usually has tanning beds etc... Tanning beds are dangerous yes, if used excessively, but in moderation they are providing VITAMIN D for your skin which is necessary for healthy skin.. You can take vitamin D oral supplements but that is extremely weak when compared to actual UV rays...

3. Don't eat nuts or loads of chocolate..I found that the oils in nuts inflame my skin for whatever reason...You're at a point in your life where your skin is producing so much oil already eating nuts which are high in natural oils only makes it worse. Chocolate is cool, but just not a lot.

4. Wash your hair. I find washing my hair just before bed every night before bed helps a lot in keeping oil levels low. Your hair contains so much natural oils and if you go to bed with that and smear it all over your pillow case you are only going to add to your oil levels on face and provide a perfect breading ground for the acne bacteria.

5. Speaking of washing shit, make sure your pillow case is clean. Probably want to change it once a week. But it depends...if you go to sleep with an oily face and oily hair, you are going to want to change your pillow case again.

6. Shave only with an electric razor, and do it as infrequently as possible. Shaving with a blade razor is extremely irritating on your skin and only opens the pores up for more infection. If you are going to shave with a blade razor do it as rarely as possible.

7. Do not touch your face with your hands, if you have an itch scratch it with your t-shirt. Touching the face with your hands only spreads the bacteria from your hands onto your face and enhances the acne...

8. Sleep. Insufficient sleep levels fuck up your hormone levels and increases cortisol production which causes more oil production and clogged pores. So try to get good sleep every night.

9. Do not focus on acne. Imagine yourself without acne. Imagine and know in your mind that you are a person that does not get acne...and when you do get a small outbreak, KNOW that it is a rare thing and that you are cool with it...

Well, I hope my RECIPE for clear skin helps you...there are so many variable factors that contribute to acne it's ridiculous...and you have to attack it with the mindset that it is a recipe to prevent it...your body is changing and your way of taking care of it has to change too...

I hope the accutane works for you, and you never have to do any of this...but this recipe may just help you out in the future...


-graz (former acne bitch)

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Hi Ashley,

Yes this is all I do to keep my skin clear. I tried a lot of products in the past... but this is all it takes, and it's FREE! No books, no products. But the corporations don't want us to know this, because they make no money.

With the hot wash cloth, I find just before bed and just after waking up is fine for me... I may use it after getting home from the gym too to wipe away the extra sweat/oil from my skin...it's all about knowing when your skin is too oily...

Tanning beds work for me, I just use one once a week and the vitamin D helps my skin look and feel healthy..I use the tanning bed because i work full time in an office, so I don't see much sun.

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I found that oral supplements just didnt come close to the vitamin d obtained from the actual sun or tanning bed... their are actual health benefits to using a tanning bed...all we hear about in the media is bad things...

I tried everything and more when it came to clearing my skin, diets, supplements, excercises etc.. and this recipe evolved over the years...and ive been using it for over 2 years now...and now acne is a thing of the past...

The most important thing out of my whole recipe would have to be the morning and night face wash. The hot wash cloth, wringed out and then used to gently massage all the excess oils and dead skin from my face... It's opening your pores and cleaning them...

My skin is much better just using the wash cloth method over products...products are so over rated, and they are only good imo if you want to throw money away... pro-activ, benzyl peroxide, tea tree oil, moisturizers etc..i spent THOUSANDS of dollars over the years on these type of products..only to discover that a hot wringed out wash cloth morning and night did the job much better.

Sometimes the solution is simpler than we think.



Edited by graz

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