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Not able to open mouth on accutain

i apply that jobjob oil or whatever its called, constantly - and i have a chapstick with me, at all times. constantly applying all around my mouth

this stops the dryness of my mouth

but at night naturally you cant, as you're asleep :P

so i have this problem where i cant open my mouth most of the day, as the very corners of my mouth are cracked open. so to open my mouth even half way is very painful as i'm ripping open the sides of my mouth. basically its like a wound, and when i open my mouth the wound splits. its a constant thing and the only way i can see to fix it would simply be to never open my mouth and eat food through a straw.

but i know thats pretty stupid

any tips? or should i just shut up and live with it

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My lips tore open at the corners a few months ago. My derm prescribed me a topical antibiotic and a medium-strength topical cortisone cream. He told me to be very serious about putting the antibiotic and the cortisone cream on until it healed, because some people get staph infections there :-( You may want to talk to your doctor about that. You can probably even call your doctor, if it's going to be awhile until your next visit. The antibiotic/cortisone healed my lips SO FAST.

After that, I've been using Aquaphor during the day LOTS AND LOTS all the time and at night I use Neosporin Lip Health Overnight Renewal.

Best of luck! I know the pain you're in!!

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cheers guys i'll print out this page and have it translated and take it to the pharmasist and see if they have any of it in stock. or see if i can order it

i appreciate the replies. thanks a lot

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This happened to me too. I used crazy amounts of Aquaphor and started drinking like 12 glasses of water a day - it healed up within a couple weeks. Gotta keep the water intake up though, or they crack again!

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