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Finacea plus skinceutical products

Hi, there. I'm 30 years old, and had problems with acne since my teens. I've tried everything (oral and topical), and finally in the past few years my skin has cleared up (I'm on orthotrycycline and Doryx). Recently went to the derm for a check-up and she said my skin looks great but that it was time to start working on the redness and the acne scars that I have on the lower half of my face. She also said that it was time to ween my off of Doryx which I guess no one should be on for more than a year. So she prescribed finacea. I'm on night three - she recommended I only apply at night. It feels a bit itchy but that's only for the first 20 minutes or so. Very bearable.

So now that finacea has been added to my skincare routine, and I wanted to know if anyone has used finacea with the skinceuitcals product line. Or if anyone else has tried any part of my skin care routine? I've searched the logs on this site and i don't see too many mentions of skinceuticals - which i think is a great product line. See below.


Skinceuitcals cleanser

" " toner

" " CE ferulic serum

" " Phloretin CF serum

" " Phyo corrective gel

Origins VitaZing moisturizer

Make up


Skinceuitcals cleanser

" " toner

" " CE ferulic

" " Phloretin CF

" " Phyo corrective gel


Origins moisturizer

Thanks for your thoughts!

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